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Flanders Literature helps publishers and festival organisers find that one particular title or author that is the perfect fit for their list or audience. So take a good look around, we present a selection of the finest literature from Flanders. If you like what you see, please get in touch with us for further information.

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  • Cover of Unisono/Platina
    Cover of Unisono/Platina
    After this performance, you will feel somewhat revitalized. It is magic.
    Knack Focus

    ‘Unisono’ is an intimate monologue, performed by one actor in a minimalist setting. Whereas ‘Unisono’ tries to find words for loneliness, ‘Platina’ is an equally spare text about two people facing a final goodbye. It is the silence that speaks loudest – even if the woman ultimately breaks it with a veritable deluge of words that seek to express her love and pain.

  • The Father and the Philosopher - cover
    The Father and the Philosopher - cover
    The Father and the Philosopher. Saving the Husserl archives
    A story comparable to a novel by Umberto Eco or Dan Brown, except for the fact that it really happened
    De Volkskrant

    At first an exciting story about smuggling manuscripts set against the backdrop of the persecution of Jews before and during the Second World War, this book indirectly develops into a history of European philosophy in the twentieth century.

  • Cover Round the Block
    Cover Round the Block
    Round the Block
    Her illustrations are delicate, intimate and extremely beautiful.
    The Guardian on ‘When David Lost His Voice’

    In this stunning visual tour-de-force, much-lauded cartoonist and illustrator Judith Vanistendael reinvents herself. She returns to the essence: armed with scissors, glue, paper and a risograph printer, she creates the purest sequence possible. ‘Round the Block’ is an ode to fantasy and Vanistendael’s more than successful debut for a new target audience.


  • Cover The Global Sixties. A Cultural History
    Cover The Global Sixties. A Cultural History
    The Global Sixties. A Cultural History
    Magnificent book that honours all these coloured voices that are so often left out of the narrative (Hadjar Benmiloud)

    A unique cultural history of the 1960s as a global phenomenon. This book deals with the usual counterculture suspects and the Flower Power generation, as well as the sensitivities and tastes of what American President Nixon called the Silent Majority. It takes into account the work of artists from Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia in a dazzling overview that puts the Sixties in a new perspective.

  • Cover Misery Loves Company. A Life In Stories
    Cover Misery Loves Company. A Life In Stories
    Misery Loves Company. A Life In Stories
    Incredible to see how much beauty someone can produce in half a century
    De Telegraaf

    Hugo Claus is the internationally acclaimed author of dozens of plays, novels and collections of poetry. But over the course of 50 years he also wrote many short stories. A half-century filled with grotesque nightmares and charming scenes of love and loss, with mysterious and comical characters populating Claus’ characteristic bitter-sweet world.

  • Cover Bread
    Cover Bread
    Haunting. With short chapters, Elvis Peeters keeps the reader in a stranglehold.
    Cutting Edge

    A boy grows up in a village where war threatens. Then, the supermarket at which the boy works is bombed into the ground. Leaving is now the only option. In confident, crystal-clear language, ‘Bread’ tells the gripping, poetic coming-of-age story of a boy who is not given the chance to enjoy his youth.

  • Cover Wish You Were Here
    Cover Wish You Were Here
    Wish You Were Here
    An unbelievably beautiful book. A unique, authentic voice in Flemish literature.

    With a great sense of humour and a lightness of touch Evelien De Vlieger paints the portrait of a girl on the cusp of life, who thinks she wants to forget. ‘Wish You Were Here’ is about facing yourself, about letting go, and about daring to admit that you can’t. A bitter-sweet book full of lust for life.

  • Cover Who Was the Hat Maker?
    Cover Who Was the Hat Maker?
    Who Was the Hatter?
    A marvel of penmanship *****
    De Volkskrant

    Twelve years after they had a short-lived but passionate relationship, the reserved Hermine and the tormented, suicidal writer Didier, drive to a conference in Vienna together. In this autobiographical love tragedy, Zvonik investigates with a delicate pen and psychological finesse to what extent it is possible to love someone, while at the same time keeping your distance.

  • Sound
    A passionate account about the intangible of music
    Mauro Pawlowski, musician

    Music is able to move people, to ease their pain, or simply to make them want to dance. But what do we experience exactly listening to Chopin, Pink Floyd or Bob Dylan? Which features characterize our musical experience?

  • Cover North
    Cover North
    Wild, dark, romantic and almost addictively well-written ****
    Focus Knack

    ‘North’ is a carefully crafted and addictively well-written debut novel about ‘indecision in the choice’: the choice between two men, between art and life, between Vancouver and the harsh life in the north, and between the musical styles that are entwined with each location.

  • Cover Beauty Will Rage Within Me Until the Day I Die
    Cover Beauty Will Rage Within Me Until the Day I Die
    Beauty Will Rage Within Me Until the Day I Die
    A sardonic roller coaster

    In the world of ‘Beauty will rage within me until the day I die’, everything is returned to ashes by warfare. Everything, except for the memory of what once was humanity and the sense of humor that Hazim Kamaledin uses to describe the fate of his deceased doppelgänger.

  • Cover Dirty Sheets
    Cover Dirty Sheets
    Dirty Sheets. A Contemporary View on Sexuality
    A shamelessly intelligent book about sex
    De Standaard

    Sex is everywhere. On television, on the streets, on social media – there’s no escaping it. In this book the authors show that our supposed sexual freedom is an illusion. They explore history, culture and science, and their own experiences, to discover the things that restrict our bodies. A real treasure-chest of knowledge which covers many of our unnecessary embarrassments on sexuality.

  • Cover Spoiler
    Cover Spoiler
    Spoiler. On television series and world literature
    Thought-provoking perspectives and choices
    Cutting Edge

    Television series - one of the most important mainstream media - continue the debate initiated by the great classics of world literature. In light-hearted essays leavened with humour, Cloostermans identifies connections between television series and literary classics and analyses what they say about our age and about universal human themes such as identity, meaning and (self-)improvement.

  • Cover Mrs Winter’s Hearth Fire
    Cover Mrs Winter’s Hearth Fire
    Mrs Winter’s Hearth Fire
    A dazzling imaginary world full of colours and scents
    Ons Erfdeel

    In ‘Mrs Winter’s Hearth Fire’, a collection of 37 short stories about winter, Carl Norac and Gerda Dendooven give both a voice and a face to the year’s coldest season. They make winter sound and look radiant like never before. ‘Mrs Winter’s Hearth Fire’ celebrates winter in all its facets.

  • Cover The Excess of Empathy. Towards a Functional Indifference
    Cover The Excess of Empathy. Towards a Functional Indifference
    The Excess of Empathy. Towards a Functional Indifference
    A multifaceted and nuanced book about a current topic

    In times in which social contrasts and social inequality are becoming more and more pronounced, there are loud calls for more empathy. But is empathy always good? Or can we have too much of it? Ignaas Devisch challenges us to reconsider our view of humanity: deep down, aren’t we all not just friends but scoundrels as well?

  • Cover I Am Happy
    Cover I Am Happy
    Nellie & Cezar
    The illustrations are a feast of detail with lots of bright, cheerful colours.
    De Leeswelp

    Nellie the Mouse and Cezar the Frog have been inseparable for over twenty years and are best friends to little children. There’s a whole string of books and other publications around these two figures: from picture, text and activity books to a television series and hand puppets. Ingrid Godon and Bette Westera have now joined forces to give the franchise a fresh new overhaul.

  • Cover - Een huis voor Harry
    Cover - Een huis voor Harry
    Congo Blues
    A masterful conjurer of tone and mood ****1/2
    De Morgen

    Morgan is a jazz pianist from Brussels, with Congolese roots. He has banished the images of his childhood in the tropics from his memories… Until an out-of-the-blue encounter changes his life, that is. This is a novel about ‘half-castes’, and how the Belgian colonizer used to treat these mixed race children, separating them forever from their biological family.

  • Cover Rising High
    Cover Rising High
    Rising High
    Extraordinary, colourful and imaginative

    In this two-metre-long colourful leporello, teeming with details and humour, we follow a girl and a boy on their voyage of discovery through a skyscraper and meet its remarkable residents. An enchanting wordless book that doubles as a measuring chart and exudes imagination and joyfulness.

  • De bones of the Borinage
    De bones of the Borinage

    In April 1878 miners in Bernissart, a Walloon village in the former coal region of the Borinage, came across a vast quantity of dinosaur bones. The remains of some thirty iguanodons were discovered in the clay at a depth of 322 metres. Thanks to the clay, several skeletons had been preserved fully intact.

  • Cover Cleansing
    Cover Cleansing
    Lanoye leaves no stone unturned in a ruthless novel
    De Morgen

    Gideon Rottier is a loner with a speech impediment and an unusual job. His life takes a different turn when Youssef, a refugee, becomes his new colleague. After an awkward start, they become best friends. But when Youssef disappears and leaves Gideon to look after his wife and children, things take an ugly turn.

  • Cover Pigeon
    Cover Pigeon
    Modest and endearing yet grandiose and awe-inspiring at the same time

    Basiel, an enthusiastic pigeon fancier, travels the world with Pigeon and wins everything there is to win. But as he wants more and more, Basiel sets his sights on something no pigeon has done before.

  • Cover of The Arrival of the Titanic
    Cover of The Arrival of the Titanic
    The Arrival of the Titanic
    Vielen is both a masterful writer and a born story-teller.
    Cutting Edge

    ‘The Arrival of the Titanic’ is an intelligent and astute theatre monologue. On the one hand there is a ship that sinks – an event with clear echoes of the Costa Concordia disaster in 2012. On the other hand, the brief snippets that fit together like a mosaic are about a more metaphorical catastrophe.

  • Cover Soap
    Cover Soap
    Barbie meets the Dynasty-vixens.
    De Morgen

    Glitter, glamour, love, jealousy, intrigue, tears and above all lots of pink: this is Maarten Vande Wiele at his best. His elegant, black brush strokes give playful expression to a world he clearly adores: that of 'Dynasty' and other vintage soap series.

  • Cover A Book To Make Friends With
    Cover A Book To Make Friends With
    A Book To Make Friends With
    An overwhelming debut and a mind-expanding book *****
    De Standaard

    A psychedelic road trip full of chases, fights, religious hallucinations and freaked-out characters and dialogues. Author Lukas Verstraete really pulls out all the stops with graphic fireworks.

  • Cover A house for Harry
    Cover A house for Harry
    A House for Harry
    All of his books are a feast to read and look at together
    de Volkskrant

    Leo Timmers shows off his best side in this cheery story about the scared cat Harry. He gives form to Harry’s quest with beautiful compositions and a relatively subdued colour palette. Timmers paints the fearful cat and his unfamiliar surroundings in his unique style, with precise details. A new highpoint in Timmers’ exceptional oeuvre.

  • Cover Cocaine
    Cutting Edge Award
    Cover Cocaine
    Cutting Edge Award
    Irresistibly funny
    Noordhollands Dagblad

    'Cocaine' is a no-holds-barred celebration of the seemingly limitless possibilities of the human imagination. It is a literary rollercoaster ride in the very best Russian tradition.

  • Cover Tinkleman
    Cover Tinkleman
    This duo invariably persuades with original and humorous stories
    Cutting Edge

    Tinkleman may be a super-hero, but his extraordinary gift - being able to fill an entire swimming pool with pee, and to pee in a nice straight stream without any splashes - is not often called upon.

  • Cover 321 Super-smart Things You Have To Know Before You Turn 13
    Cover 321 Super-smart Things You Have To Know Before You Turn 13
    321 Super-smart Things You Have to Know Before You Turn 13
    A fantastically-designed book with surprising, funny facts and wonderful illustrations.
    Kinderboekwinkel Kakelbont

    Did you know that a giraffe can lick the inside of its ears? That we have been brushing our teeth for thousands of years? That you can weigh your head by putting it in a bucket of water? Or that astronauts pee into a vacuum cleaner? 


    ‘321 Super-smart Things You Have To Know Before You Turn 13’ is a fine pillow book for younger and older Einsteins.

  • Cover - Shadow Zone
    Hercule Poirot Prize
    Cover - Shadow Zone
    Hercule Poirot Prize
    Shadow Zone
    A glittering, psychologically-charged firework! *****

    Kate works as a nurse in a psychiatric clinic for VIPs in London. Her life turns into a living hell when it turns out that a tweet with confidential information about a patient has been sent out into the world from her account. She loses her job and is hounded by the paparazzi. To make matters worse, there is someone else who’s got it in for her. A wonderfully-written, triumphant crime novel with strong characterisations, in which the various plot threads are cleverly interwoven.

  • Cover The Tsar’s Shears
    Cover The Tsar’s Shears
    The Tsar’s Shears
    Darkly aesthetic, wittily absurd, strangely illuminating
    De Bond

    In ‘The Tsar’s Shears’ three people live together in one room, secluded from the outside world. Until one day the tsar emerges from the tube and disrupts the order of their micro society. All of a sudden the rules don’t seem that logical anymore.

  • Cover The Tramp
    Cover The Tramp
    The Drifter
    Maarten De Saeger confirms his status as a top talent.
    Cutting Edge

    In order to run away from her worries, Ines moves to her late grandfather’s farm in the Ardennes. One day a tramp appears on her doorstep who introduces himself as John. Ines offers him a bed for the night, but it soon becomes clear that the wandering eccentric is not in any great hurry to leave.

  • Cover Mazel Tov
    Cover Mazel Tov
    Mazel tov
    A must-read for everyone *****
    De Standaard

    'Mazel tov' is a compelling, thought-provoking story about children growing up in a Modern Orthodox sect, as seen through the eyes of a young woman who is not Jewish. It gives a unique glimpse of the unfamiliar world for both sides.

  • Cover My Rock
    Cover My Rock

    In this philosophical picture book, Elvis Peeters and Sebastiaan Van Doninck explore themes including home, property, and the budding awareness that others may have a very different take on things. ‘My Rock’ is a story about sharing the same space – a story that couldn’t be more topical today.

  • cover The People Healer
    ECI Prize
    cover The People Healer
    ECI Prize
    The People Healer
    Crystal clear literary magic *****
    De Volkskrant

    ‘The People Healer’ is a novel about the invisible forces that guide people’s lives, and about the immutability of those forces. The First World War, Belgian colonialism in the Congo, and the present day are all woven into the fabric of the story. The storylines Koen Peeters sketches eventually converge in a quest to fulfil a longing that every person feels: to discover oneself and to give meaning to one’s own life.

  • Cover Het wonderlijke insectenboek
    Cover Het wonderlijke insectenboek
    The Amazing Book of Insects
    Playful and accessible
    Eindhovens Dagblad

    Discover why the glow-worm glows, how the bombardier beetle got its name and in what way a caterpillar can disguise itself. An exceptional ode to the ultimate boss on earth, who will mesmerize young and old.

  • Cover Papa Zoglu
    Cover Papa Zoglu
    Papa Zoglu
    Masterfully composed by an enlightened illuminator
    Terres de legende

    A cross between a coming-of-age story and a social satire. This colourful, hilarious and tragic graphic novel is about identity and humanity, about not very intelligent design, about yesterday and tomorrow. With ‘Papa Zoglu’, Simon Spruyt has shown once again that he is one of the most ingenious and funniest comic-book creators in Flanders.

  • Cover Philosophy of Violence
    Cover Philosophy of Violence
    Philosophy of Violence
    Giving new contextual dimensions to a word that is increasingly being used with the exclusive definition of ‘causing harm to others’
    Cutting Edge

    We usually think of violence in black and white terms: it is good or bad. Philosophers are expected to provide arguments in support of that perspective. Lode Lauwaert however, believes that such a reductionist view of the world cannot adequately answer complex questions. His ‘Philosophy of Violence’ is an erudite, rich and varied book that encourages the reader to think differently about violence. 

  • Cover The Age of Charlie Chaplin
    Cover The Age of Charlie Chaplin
    The Age of Charlie Chaplin
    The alternation between zooming in to focus on the films and panning out to the world stage works well.
    De Standaard

    Matthijs de Ridder gives a sparkling account of an artist who was able to embody all the important themes of the 20th century. Using new sources, he casts a fresh glance over the life and work of Chaplin. At the same time, ‘The Age of Charlie Chaplin’ is a phenomenal cultural history of a turbulent period that defines our worldview to this very day.

  • Cover of Say Hello to the Geese
    Cover of Say Hello to the Geese
    Say Hello to the Geese
    A melancholic, poetic performance that makes both young and old laugh, think, cry and really grabs them. Intense and engaging.

    ‘Say Hello to the Geese’ is a melancholic and poetic performance capable of touching both young and old. The evocative text leaves room for poetry, humour and clowning.

  • Cover Andalusian Logbook
    Cover Andalusian Logbook
    Andalusian Journal
    He embodies his perspective, which is analytic and constantly eager to learn
    NRC Handelsblad

    Forgotten celebrities, hidden masterpieces and unique areas of nature. This logbook is a colourful collection of notes and impressions, experiences and stories about the nature, culture, history and people of Andalusia.

    With the inquisitive gaze that characterises all his works, Stefan Brijs takes a first look at the riches of his new home port.

  • Cover Hallelujah
    Cover Hallelujah
    Bizarre, mysterious, incredibly powerful

    ‘Hallelujah’ is a feverish, yet also humorous collection about inevitable loss and the temptation of the clean slate.

  • Cover Grimly Good
    Cover Grimly Good

    Following the adaptation and sanitisation of fairy stories by the Brothers Grimm, Disney and others, writers are increasingly restoring these tales to their original, complex and sometimes dark and creepy forms. Marita de Sterck is the unbeatable master.

  • Cover Cherry Heaven
    Cover Cherry Heaven
    Cherry Blossom and Paper Planes
    Aerts has the ability to make emotions glow beneath his words.

    Some friends are much more than that. They grow up like twin cherries on the same stalk. Adin and Dina have that kind of friendship. ‘Cherry Heaven’ is a sensitive story about going away and coming back, and about the power of friendship: in spite of Adin’s move to the city, the two children do whatever they can to stay connected.

  • Cover Tomorrow Is Another Country
    Cover Tomorrow Is Another Country
    Tomorrow Is Another Country
    Impactful. Shows shameful current realities that get deep under the skin.
    De Morgen

    A girl is hiding in the back of a lorry. She’s sharing the space with a horse, her mum, and Captain Compass, her best friend. They’re on their way to another country, where the walls don’t dance and the houses don’t fall, and where the sky doesn’t rumble like thunder when there’s not a cloud to be seen. A light book about a weighty subject.

  • Jihad van liefde
    Jihad van liefde
    A Jihad for Love
    A passionate plea against hate, thirst for revenge and the urge for destruction
    De Volkskrant

    El Bachiri transforms the pain he suffered into a message of love and humanity, in which he appeals to western Muslims for a more humanist approach to Islam. ‘A Jihad for Love’ is the answer to the hatred of those who wish to divide us, of those who propagate violence and terrorism. 

  • Cover Choir
    Cover Choir
    A monument, in the oeuvre of Verhelst as well as in the history of poetry
    De Standaard

    ‘Choir’ is the first anthology of poems Peter Verhelst selected himself out of published and unpublished works. This new context forced Verhelst not only to change the chronological order, but often also to a rewriting of several poems.

  • Cover Billie & Seb
    Cover Billie & Seb
    Billie & Seb
    His sentences are balanced and rhythmic, his language shines. *****
    Haarlems Dagblad

    Seb and Billie are seventeen and are both a little strange. Thanks to their friendship, the quiet Seb blossoms and opens up. But then Billie has an accident on a trampoline and ends up in a coma. Seb stops going to school and shuts himself away inside his room and inside himself. His despairing parents give him an airsoft gun for Christmas.

  • Cover Audrey & Anne
    Cover Audrey & Anne
    Audrey & Anne
    Fresh, alluring and powerful
    Flanders Today

    In her historical novel, which is based on actual events, Janzing shines the spotlight on the childhoods of two of the greatest icons of the 20th century: Audrey Hepburn and Anne Frank. Two world-famous girls born in the same year, connected by one devastating war.

  • Cover of Vanish Beach
    Cover of Vanish Beach
    Vanish Beach
    An astute monument to the dislocation of modern man. A light-hearted yet meaningful portrait of an inscrutable reality.
    Cutting Edge

    The play wants to explore how some of the most famous exiles of the 20th century defended, revised or abandoned their European traditions in their new ‘paradise’. And whether we, in this day and age, could or would mount a similar defence. An exploration of ‘home’ and the idea of feeling displaced in your own home country.