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Flanders Literature helps publishers and festival organisers find that one particular title or author that is the perfect fit for their list or audience. So take a good look around, we present a selection of the finest literature from Flanders. If you like what you see, please get in touch with us for further information.

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  • Cover Swimming Pool of Imagination
    Cover Swimming Pool of Imagination
    Swimming Pool of Imagination
    The subtleness of this poetry continues to affect you, even once you have left the swimming pool of imagination
    De Standaard

     ‘Swimming Pool of Imagination’ is Tom Van de Voorde’s third collection. The poems explicitly reflect the current political and societal issues. He is nothing more than an engaged spectator of ‘military fear’. We might heroically resolve to get involved in the world around us, but to what extent do we succeed?

  • Cover Beyond the Borders
    Cover Beyond the Borders
    Beyond the Borders
    ‘Beyond the Borders’ reads like an ode to the unfathomability of human relationships.
    De Standaard

    'Beyond the Borders’ is an account of Meulemans' fascinating literary pilgrimage, digging into the history of  the American author Glenway Wescott (1901-1987). Right from the very first page this book whisks the reader away to a now-forgotten literary and artistic world in America before and after the Second World War. Gradually, the lives of Meulemans and Wescott become ever more intertwined. Is friendship beyond death possible?

  • Cover of Para
    Cover of Para
    Top-level theatre that explodes your conscience like an expanding bullet.
    Knack Focus

    This monologue is neither an indictment nor a celebration, but instead explores the complex tragedy of international peace operations. It is a tale of idealism and incompetence, of noble objectives and dirty business.

  • Cover of Give Me My Hand Back
    Cover of Give Me My Hand Back
    Give Me My Hand Back
    Maybe this season’s best kept secret
    Jury report Theater Festival

    In a candid conversation, the two characters explore how this new situation can bring them together and how this illness either challenges or strengthens their friendship. Tragicomic, vulnerable and moving – but above all genuine.

  • Cover Sometimes I'm an Explorer
    Cover Sometimes I'm an Explorer

    In unconnected short texts, Ruth Mellaerts draws the reader into familiar situations, memories, thoughts and feelings. The interaction between words and illustrations lifts the book to a higher level and creates calm and beauty as well as words to ruminate on.

  • Cover Me & You
    Cover Me & You
    Me & You
    A UFO in the graphic novel world
    Focus Vif

    What is love? Is it still possible in this day and age to go through life as a couple? This exuberant and multifaceted piece that deliberately unsettles the reader offers the authors' destabilising, crazy and brilliant take on those universal questions.

  • Cover Berlin. Life in a Divided City
    Cover Berlin. Life in a Divided City
    Berlin. Life in a Divided City
    With his talent for well-balanced, focused writing, De Moor now occupies an unrivalled position within Dutch-language literature.

    How did the Nazis poison the bustling life of the city? Which communist absurdities were the residents of East Berlin confronted with in the GDR? How did the city transform after ‘die Wende’?

    In ‘Berlin. Life in a Divided City’, Piet de Moor goes in search of the soul of the mythical metropolis, a city that suffered like no other during the violent history of the 20th century. The result is an informative and kaleidoscopic book that is truly worth reading.

  • Cover The Spill
    Cover The Spill

    ‘The Fall’ tells the story of five guys who meet by chance over the course of a few years. All five have a single goal: racing, or a career as a professional cyclist to be precise. On the towpath along the river Scheldt, from Ghent to Oudenaarde, they train together: Iljo Keisse, Wouter Weylandt, Dimitri De Fauw, Bert De Backer and Kurt Hovelijnck. Young, virile and popular, they do indeed manage to become professional cyclists. But life is harder than the dream. What once brought them together, racing, just as ruthlessly tears them apart again.

  • Cover The End of The World
    Cover The End of The World
    The End of the World. A History
    Stroeykens, a physicist at heart, has thought of everything.
    KIJK Magazine

    What might the end of the world really look like? Should we be worried about the climate, mutating viruses, artificial intelligence and asteroid impacts? Or is that fear just as irrational as that of the medieval cultists who constantly expected another biblical flood to wash away the world?

    ‘The End of the World’ is a fascinating history of catastrophes, fears and nightmares.

  • Cover Late Days
    Cover Late Days
    Late Days
    Dewulf’s writing succeeds in making the mundane new again.

    No matter what Bernard writes about, he sees the world like a photographer, and analyses each moment in a unique, almost philosophical way. These ‘Late Days’ are marked by melancholy, as parenting increasingly makes way for ticking time.

  • Cover Why Everyone is Always Right
    Cover Why Everyone is Always Right
    Why Everyone is Always Right
    ‘I finally understand why my opponents find it so hard to admit that they are wrong’
    Stand-up comedian Wouter Deprez

    Why do we so often see two camps emerge that are both convinced they have a monopoly on wisdom? Why do we so love to dig ourselves into the trenches of our own rightness? ‘Why Everyone is Always Right’ is the ideal book to give us more insight into the eccentricities of the human spirit.

  • Cover Fantomia
    Cover Fantomia
    Groovy and colourful
    De Standaard

    Fantomia’ provides hours of viewing pleasure, with lots of silliness, creativity and visual spectacle. Reviewers have compared the artist to the likes of ATAK, Basil Wolverton and medieval painter Jeroen Bosch.

  • Cover Oskar
    Cover Oskar
    A great creative and imaginative adventure full of surrealistic braveness and subtle humor
    Global Illustration Awards Jury

    Oskar is a special toy dinosaur. Ever since a little boy received Oskar as a present, the two have been inseparable. So when the boy suddenly loses his buddy, he doesn’t just accept it, but sets off fearlessly in search of the creature. This is the start of a fantastic adventure in which mountains are moved, seas are crossed and the two friends face great dangers.

  • Cover Scorpio
    Cover Scorpio
    Once again, a fantastic thriller that you want to read in one sitting.
    Het Nieuwsblad

    After a weekend away with the family, 36 year old Gaelle wakes up in the secure wing of a psychiatric hospital in Berlin, Germany. The police suspect her of attempting to murder her son. She manages to escape and is determined to uncover the truth.

  • Cover The House of Salmon
    Cover The House of Salmon
    The House of Salmon
    Believable and original, honest and authentic.

    ‘The House of Salmon’ is a novel about people living within a tradition who are tempted to turn this tradition into an absolute law.

  • Cover Cordelia
    Cover Cordelia
    This comic book’s recognisability has a comforting effect that radiates a warm feeling of gratitude.

    Ilah portrays relationships between men and women in a way that says more than an exhaustive analysis. Her short comics are both candid and subtle, true-to-life and dramatically adapted, apparently nonchalant and virtuoso, modest and self-assured. Ilah’s slick austerity is the perfect graphic style for her favourite subjects, such as love, sex, steak and fries and glasses of wine.

  • Cover She Alone
    Cover She Alone
    She Alone
    Strong meat, but served in a very digestible form

    ‘She Alone’ is a story of a love between Western Europe and Islam, and a confrontation between and a merging of Europe and Islamic values, as well as a dystopic warning for Europe, and its growing fear of everything that is different.

  • Cover Something Inside Us Bowed Low
    Cover Something Inside Us Bowed Low
    Something Inside Us Bowed Low
    Breathtakingly beautiful *****
    De Standaard

    Yuji Kohara is a molecular biologist who is researching the roundworm, C. elegans. One evening he accidentally gets off the metro a stop early. His absentmindedness sets him on the trail of an old flame. What follows is a long night, a restless week and a strange rest of the year.

  • Cover Will
    The Times Book of the Year
    Cover Will
    The Times Book of the Year
    A razor-sharp book about the cowardice we call neutrality *****
    De Standaard

    Wilfried Wils is an auxiliary policeman in Antwerp at the start of the Second World War. The city is in the grip of violence and distrust. Wilfried does what he can for himself, avoiding paths that are too slippery.

  • Cover The Convert
    Cover The Convert
    The Convert
    A crucial book that will stir hearts and minds ****
    De Standaard

    Stefan Hertmans based the story of ‘The Convert’ on historical facts, and he brings the Middle Ages to life with immense imagination and stylistic ingenuity. This is the story of three religions and a world going through massive change, a story of hope, love and hatred, a novel about a woman who can be certain of one thing: at home the death penalty awaits.

  • Cover Yucca
    Cover Yucca
    Brilliant. A moving tribute to the subconscious
    Vrij Nederland

    ‘Yucca’ is not a classic thriller with a dénouement. The pieces of the puzzle never all fall in the right place, but seek an answer to the question how to deal with threatening violence and loss.

  • Cover The Melting
    Cover The Melting
    The Melting
    A debut that you wish every writer would write: surprising, imaginative and merciless *****
    De Standaard

    Eva, in her late twenties, travels back to her native village with a big block of ice in her car. She has been invited to a viewing of a new milking parlour at a dairy farm where her childhood friend Pim still lives, an occasion that will also serve to commemorate the death of his older brother, who drowned as a young man. Slowly it becomes clear she returned to her village to take revenge for what happened to her as a child...

  • Cover Hair
    Cover Hair
    Beautiful in its simplicity, honesty and humanity
    De Leesfabriek

    On their way home from a holiday on the Costa Brava, Suzanne, Catherine and Hanna watch as their mother is mowed down by lorry on the shoulder of a French motorway. From now on, father Ivo will do his best to raise their three daughters, but without great success.

  • Cover Life Seen from Below
    Cover Life Seen from Below
    Life Seen from Below
    Packed with a Verhulstian wealth of poetry and politics

    Liliya Dimova is the art-loving merry widow of an aggrieved Bulgarian writer. Her final wish in life is to correct the literary history of communism and wipe out every word written by Soviet regime puppet Mikhail Sholokhov by using the pages of his book as toilet paper.

    For love of her late husband, and for all the other forgotten people who paid such a high price for their freedom of expression.

  • Bloodrush
    An original and refreshing study that does not shrink from taking the shine off some well-worn symbolism.

    In this well-documented narrative account, with reference to personal experiences, religious traditions, Western literature and philosophy, cultural, technological and scientific developments, Jan Verplaetse looks for answers to the question of why blood fascinates us, yet instils revulsion in us at the same time.

  • Cover Wolves
    Cover Wolves
    As a physical object one of the most surprising comic books of the last few years

    Ward Zwart and Enzo Smits evoke the atmosphere of endless boredom in which teenagers sometimes find themselves. Zwart creates fabulous things with a pencil. His dreamy and accurate drawings of joyless details and gloomy faces create a slightly nostalgic universe.

  • Cover Weegee
    Cover Weegee
    Sublime, sketch-like artwork by Mannaert, with sharp dialogue

    The American Weegee’s street photographs made him world famous. Wauter Mannaert and Max de Radiguès turn the photographer into a man of flesh and blood and make you identify with him, so his rather tragic fate hits all the harder.

  • Cover About God’s Brother and Other Fine Meats
    Cover About God’s Brother and Other Fine Meats
    About God’s Brother and Other Fine Meats
    A veritable delight of a book
    Forbidden Planet

    When widower Anton breathes his last breath and goes looking for his wife Betty in the ‘thereafter’, nothing is quite as he expected. Jan Truyens’ debut is nothing less than an art project: an enormously rich book, with nods in the direction of the ‘Divina Commedia’.

  • Cover Narwhal
    Cover Narwhal
    A book in which everything is just right. The best comic book of 2016
    De Groene Amsterdammer

    Wide Vercnocke subtly builds up a story in which, through shaman’s sessions, the tragedy of the equipment manager at an athletics club is connected to the iconic narwhal and its spear-like tusk. A surprising and highly original story about physicality and rejecting absolute rationality.

  • Cover Mikel
    Cover Mikel
    A masterpiece of atmosphere and empathy, a must-have book of the year
    Focus Vif

    ‘Mikel’ tells a true story, based on the experiences of the author, Mark Bellido, who spent four years protecting Basque politicians against ETA. With her brilliant use of colour, Judith Vanistendael depicts the light of a wild and rainy Basque Country.

  • Cover - Daubigny’s Garden
    Cover - Daubigny’s Garden
    Daubigny’s Garden
    A poetic comic book that fully spotlights Cromheecke’s drawing talent

    Luc Cromheecke and Bruno De Roover depict brief scenes from the life of the cheerful bon vivant Daubigny, based on the letters he wrote to his wife or friends on his travels. The result is a wonderfully relaxing book that paints a beautiful picture of the artist as a human being.

  • Cover Hubert
    Cover Hubert
    Gijsemans can shout if he wants to, but he's more than happy to whisper.
    The Herland Scotland

    Gijsemans’ drawings, washed out but somehow lush, too, are tender and telling, from the doleful curve of Hubert’s back to the workaday treads of the stairs in his apartment building. In this gentle account, Hubert is neither noble aesthete nor creepy loner, simply a man who likes pottering around looking at art.

  • Cover - Magritte's Apple
    Cover - Magritte's Apple
    Magritte’s Apple
    Beautifully crafted
    Kid’s Book Review

    This absurd picture book is a successful introduction to the richly nuanced oeuvre of René Magritte, which at the same time invites one to explore further. Verplancke shows himself a born surrealist.

  • Cover - Forty-four Years Later
    Cover - Forty-four Years Later
    Forty-four Years Later
    A true storyteller

    Following a stroke, Louis can no longer live at home with his wife. Before he has to leave for the care home, the whole family wants to give him one last unforgettable day. Michaël Olbrechts sketches a very convincing portrait of an average dysfunctional family.

  • Cover - Abadingi
    Cover - Abadingi
    His most personal and at the same time most universal book
    De Standaard

    'Abadaringi’ is a sketchbook and an intriguing documentary about the genocide in Rwanda. Janssen draws the landscapes and settings he encounters, and creates portraits of the people he speaks to. He also tells his own story, in handwritten notes. A phenomenal piece of journalism.

  • Cover Circus Night
    Cover Circus Night
    Circus Night
    A book without words but teeming with stories
    De Standaard

    When a little girl sees a jet-black puppy in her bedroom window in this wordless picture book, it marks the beginning of an exceptional night. The clown on the bedroom wall also comes to life and transports the little girl to the circus. In ‘Circus Night’, De Leeuw plays with reality, imagination, dreams and fantasy.

  • Cover The Book of Children's Books
    Cover The Book of Children's Books
    The Book of Children's Books
    A parade of talent. What a breath of fresh air.
    De Morgen

    ‘The Book of Children’s Books’ is a kaleidoscopic book for reading, looking at and leafing through, for all readers who know how it feels to be a child, and a source of information and inspiration for publishers, booksellers, librarians, teachers – and for everyone else who is passionate about books.

  • Cover Suzy Doozy and the Scissors
    Cover Suzy Doozy and the Scissors

    Suzy Doozy is a headstrong girl with boundless energy and imagination. In a series devoted to her adventures, she more than lives up to her impish name. Benjamin Leroy and Jaap Robben illustrate and write with a lot of empathy and love for this recalcitrant heroine.

  • Cover - Wake up Walter
    Cover - Wake up Walter
    Wake up Walter
    The illustrations demonstrate impressive skill and a steady hand.

    Walter is always falling asleep. It doesn’t matter where he is: at his birthday party, on the seesaw, in the swimming pool. His parents try everything they can think of to wake him up, but nothing works. Until a little dog walks in by accident and licks Walter’s face. A wonderful universe full of magical details.

  • Cover - Owlet and Twiglet
    Cover - Owlet and Twiglet
    Owlet and Twiglet
    True gems of illustrations. An exquisite picture book

    Owlet and Twiglet are two little owls who live in a nest on a branch of their beloved Apple Tree. The old tree has looked after them ever since their parents were killed by a hawk. Now it’s time for them to fly the nest, but will they have the courage? Sabien Clement expresses the vulnerability of the little owls in a beautifully sensitive way.

  • Cover - I must
    Cover - I must

    ‘I Must’ is a collection of powerful portraits and philosophical texts full of compassion, vulnerable and confrontational at the same time. It exposes a merciless and terrible human tangle of obligations and expectations. Godon and Tellegen inspire thoughts, give a name to feeling and trigger involvement.

  • Cover - Me and the Bear
    Cover - Me and the Bear

    The central character in ‘Me and the Bear’ is young Leo, who in his own eyes meets with resistance everywhere. Only a brown bear does not run away from him. That is the beginning of a friendship that gives Leo enough confidence to go on.

  • Cover - Show & tell me the world
    Cover - Show & tell me the world
    Show & Tell Me the World
    We seldom see so much humour, beauty and linguistic creativity.
    Cutting Edge

    In this colourful encyclopaedia, children discover the world and learn new words in a playful way. The result is a hefty introductory and comprehensive work, full of dynamic characters and objects, offering a generous sampling of Tom Schamp’s craftsmanship. His illustrations represent a blend of Richard Scarry’s ‘Busy, Busy Town’ and Martin Handford’s ‘Where’s Waldo’.

  • Cover Mammoth
    Cover Mammoth
    A dazzling graphic novel in all shades of red
    Leven in Leuven

    ‘Mammoth' is the story of Theodore Bob Princel the First. Theo’s parents are rich and successful, and they want nothing less for their son. He and Nanny Leg-Hair race through lesson after lesson after lesson. Until Nanny takes a nap, leaving Theo to set off on an adventure.

  • Cover - Red Red Red Riding Hood
    Cover - Red Red Red Riding Hood

    This adaptation of the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ classic is one to remember. Little Red Riding Hood remains the familiar protagonist, but this time is a self-aware and determined girl who knows what she wants. And what she wants is red.

  • The Counting Book of Prince Hayo the Happy
    Beautiful sentences, funny jokes and original ideas
    Jaap Friso

    This is not just any counting book: it is cleverly constructed around an increasingly complex list of presents and characters. De Leeuw uses fine, spontaneous lines to draw and paint characters of flesh and blood within stunning settings full of colour and life. It is a collection of sparkling scenes that completely absorb the reader’s attention.

  • Cover The Very Tired Man
    Cover The Very Tired Man
    The Very Tired Man and the Woman who Passionately Loved Bonsai
    Pure beauty
    De Wereld Draait Door

    A woman reads a wanted ad in the newspaper one day: “man seeks woman to die for”. When she rings the number, she hears someone sigh. She’s never heard such a beautiful sigh before.
    In this picture book for adults, Kaatje Vermeire’s pictures and Peter Verhelst’s words each tell a story of their own. The reader combines the two, creating an artwork on every page.

  • Cover Stella ster van de zee
    Cover Stella ster van de zee
    The atmospheric, bitter-sweet illustrations make the sadness palpable and yet palatable.
    De Morgen

    'Stella. Star of the Sea' is a tale about loneliness, being different and searching for your place in the world. It is also a story about the boundless nature of parental love and about letting your children go so that they can be themselves. When writing this story, Dendooven was inspired by disturbing photos of refugees and by the horrors experienced by children in war zones.

  • Cover - Witchfairy
    Cover - Witchfairy

    Rosemary thinks fairies are terribly boring. And the worst of it is that she’s a fairy herself. She would rather be a witch.
    To celebrate his twentieth anniversary as an illustrator, Carll Cneut has created new illustrations for this popular picture book.

  • Cover Gibbe en de maandagman
    Cover Gibbe en de maandagman
    Gibbe and the Monday Man
    The first real Dutch-language equivalent of the Treehouse Books
    NRC Handelsblad

    Gibbe wakes up one morning in the park, with no idea how he got there. Then he meets the Monday man (‘I’m the one who takes you safely to Tuesday’). This book is built on irony and absurdity and defies all the rules of children’s books. Completely crazy, it maintains its ironic style throughout.