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Translation Grants: Works of Drama

Flanders Literature promotes the international position of literary texts by Flemish authors. The objective of the translation policy for works of drama is twofold: Flanders Literature aims to promote the publication of translations of original high-quality drama from Flanders and it also aims to encourage the publication or performance of translations of original Dutch-language plays from Belgium in professional theatres worldwide, in order to raise the international profile of Flemish drama.

Foreign publishers and foreign magazines that commission the translation of original Dutch-language play scripts by Belgian playwrights may apply for a grant. For the publication or performance of texts in professional theatres abroad, grants may also be requested by foreign organisations (festivals or Stukkenmarkten abroad, which offer excerpts of theatre texts for review purposes, etc.), or by the foreign or Flemish theatre company

The application form is a fillable pdf file. You may need a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat to be able to fill it out.

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