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‘Against Elections’ subject of debate in German parliament

In October 2016, Wallstein published ‘Gegen Wahlen’, Arne Braun’s German translation of David Van Reybrouck’s ‘Tegen verkiezingen’ (published in English as Against Elections: The Case for Democracy, translated by Liz Waters). The book received positive reactions and was the subject of debate in the German parliament on 9 March 2017. Netzwerk Berlin has organised a discussion evening with David Van Reybrouck based around the following question: In democratic states, are there viable alternatives to free and secret elections?

Cover Gegen Wahlen

David Van Reybrouck is one of the most successful nonfiction authors in Flanders. With his book ‘Congo. Een geschiedenis’ (published in English as Congo: The Epic History of a People, translated by Sam Garrett), he not only reached a large audience in Dutch-speaking countries, but also broke through internationally. The book has been translated many languages and has won several prizes abroad. In addition to nonfiction, David Van Reybrouck writes novels and his plays find captive audiences.