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About this website


This website would not be the way it is if it were not for the creativity and hard work of these partners:


Most of the texts on this website were written by Flanders Literature's team. A special mention goes to:

  • Gert Meesters and Toon Horsten for their contribution to the texts about graphic novels.
  • J├╝rgen Peeters for his contribution to texts about children's and youth literature.
  • Mirjam Noorduijn and Veerle Vanden Bosch for The Book of Children's Books, an introduction to literature written in Dutch for children and young adults, and Laura Watkinson for the English translation.
  • Marnix Verplancke for his contribution to the essay about fiction from Flanders.


We work with accredited translators Dutch-English for all texts on These are the translators who did most of the work:

  • Anna Asbury
    Anna Asbury
  • Photo Rosalind Buck
    Rosalind Buck
  • Photo Jane Hedley-Prole
    Jane Hedley-Prole
  • Photo Sherry Macdonald
    Sherry Macdonald
  • Photo Jonathan Reeder
    Jonathan Reeder
  • Photo Paul Vincent
    Paul Vincent
  • Photo Liz Waters
    Liz Waters
  • Photo Laura Watkinson
    Laura Watkinson
  • Photo Laura Vroomen
    Laura Vroomen