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Flanders Literature helps publishers and festival organisers find that one particular title or author that is the perfect fit for their list or audience. So take a good look around, we present a selection of the finest literature from Flanders. If you like what you see, please get in touch with us for further information.

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  • Cover Cleansing
    Cover Cleansing
    Lanoye leaves no stone unturned in a ruthless novel
    De Morgen

    Gideon Rottier is a loner with a speech impediment and an unusual job. His life takes a different turn when Youssef, a refugee, becomes his new colleague. After an awkward start, they become best friends. But when Youssef disappears and leaves Gideon to look after his wife and children, things take an ugly turn.

  • Cover Pigeon
    Cover Pigeon

    Basiel, an enthusiastic pigeon fancier, travels the world with Pigeon and wins everything there is to win. But as he wants more and more, Basiel sets his sights on something no pigeon has done before.

  • Cover - Een huis voor Harry
    Cover - Een huis voor Harry
    Congo Blues
    A born storyteller.
    De Standaard, on The City and Time

    Morgan is a jazz pianist from Brussels, with Congolese roots. He has banished the images of his childhood in the tropics from his memories… Until an out-of-the-blue encounter changes his life, that is. This is a novel about ‘half-castes’, and how the Belgian colonizer used to treat these mixed race children, separating them forever from their biological family.

  • Cover The Age of Charlie Chaplin
    Cover The Age of Charlie Chaplin
    The Age of Charlie Chaplin
    The alternation between zooming in to focus on the films and panning out to the world stage works well.
    De Standaard

    Matthijs de Ridder gives a sparkling account of an artist who was able to embody all the important themes of the 20th century. Using new sources, he casts a fresh glance over the life and work of Chaplin. At the same time, ‘The Age of Charlie Chaplin’ is a phenomenal cultural history of a turbulent period that defines our worldview to this very day.

  • Cover Philosophy of Violence
    Cover Philosophy of Violence
    Philosophy of Violence
    Giving new contextual dimensions to a word that is increasingly being used with the exclusive definition of ‘causing harm to others’
    Cutting Edge

    We usually think of violence in black and white terms: it is good or bad. Philosophers are expected to provide arguments in support of that perspective. Lode Lauwaert however, believes that such a reductionist view of the world cannot adequately answer complex questions. His ‘Philosophy of Violence’ is an erudite, rich and varied book that encourages the reader to think differently about violence. 

  • Cover Tinkleman
    Cover Tinkleman
    This duo invariably persuades with original and humorous stories
    Cutting Edge

    Tinkleman may be a super-hero, but his extraordinary gift - being able to fill an entire swimming pool with pee, and to pee in a nice straight stream without any splashes - is not often called upon.

  • Cover Beyond the Borders
    Cover Beyond the Borders
    Beyond the Borders
    ‘Beyond the Borders’ reads like an ode to the unfathomability of human relationships.
    De Standaard

    'Beyond the Borders’ is an account of Meulemans' fascinating literary pilgrimage, digging into the history of  the American author Glenway Wescott (1901-1987). Right from the very first page this book whisks the reader away to a now-forgotten literary and artistic world in America before and after the Second World War. Gradually, the lives of Meulemans and Wescott become ever more intertwined. Is friendship beyond death possible?

  • Cover Andalusian Logbook
    Cover Andalusian Logbook
    Andalusian Journal
    He embodies his perspective, which is analytic and constantly eager to learn
    NRC Handelsblad

    Forgotten celebrities, hidden masterpieces and unique areas of nature. This logbook is a colourful collection of notes and impressions, experiences and stories about the nature, culture, history and people of Andalusia.

    With the inquisitive gaze that characterises all his works, Stefan Brijs takes a first look at the riches of his new home port.

  • Cover 321 Super-smart Things You Have To Know Before You Turn 13
    Cover 321 Super-smart Things You Have To Know Before You Turn 13
    321 Super-smart Things You Have To Know Before You Turn 13
    A fantastically-designed book with surprising, funny facts and wonderful illustrations.
    Kinderboekwinkel Kakelbont

    Did you know that a giraffe can lick the inside of its ears? That we have been brushing our teeth for thousands of years? That you can weigh your head by putting it in a bucket of water? Or that astronauts pee into a vacuum cleaner? 


    ‘321 Super-smart Things You Have To Know Before You Turn 13’ is a fine pillow book for younger and older Einsteins.

  • Cover Vasco the Soccer-Pig
    Cover Vasco the Soccer-Pig
    Vasco the Soccer-Pig
    Verster is a master at evoking atmosphere and longing.

    Five-year-old Matteo has the best day of his life when he gets a soccer ball and a pig for his birthday. For Vasco the pig, it’s also the best day of his life – it’s not even his birthday and he still gets Matteo. Edward van de Vendel beautifully describes the loving friendship between Vasco and Matteo, while Alain Verster adds another dimension to the story through his illustrations.

  • Cover Soap
    Cover Soap
    Soap 1
    There are aspects of chicklit in his books, but of the rather evil kind. Barbie meets the Dynasty-vixens.
    De Morgen

    Glitter, glamour, love, jealousy, intrigue, tears and above all lots of pink: this is Maarten Vande Wiele at his best. His elegant, black brush strokes give playful expression to a world he clearly adores: that of Dynasty and other vintage soap series.

  • Cover A house for Harry
    Cover A house for Harry
    A House for Harry
    All of his books are a feast to read and look at together
    de Volkskrant

    Leo Timmers shows off his best side in this cheery story about the scared cat Harry. He gives form to Harry’s quest with beautiful compositions and a relatively subdued colour palette. Timmers paints the fearful cat and his unfamiliar surroundings in his unique style, with precise details. A new highpoint in Timmers’ exceptional oeuvre.

  • Cover The Soap Knight
    Cover The Soap Knight

    Roger The Soap Knight is passionate about taking baths, scrubbing up, working in the garden (then taking another bath) and doing the laundry. But he’s also passionate about fighting. Together with Gaston, his clean white horse, he sets out to vanquish a dragon.

  • Cover My Rock
    Cover My Rock
    My Rock
    Children probably read a very different story than grownups. And that’s fine.
    Jury report Zilveren Griffel, on ‘Mister Paper and his Girl’ by Elvis Peeters

    In this philosophical picture book, Elvis Peeters and Sebastiaan Van Doninck explore themes including home, property, and the budding awareness that others may have a very different take on things. ‘My Rock’ is a story about sharing the same space – a story that couldn’t be more topical today.

  • Cover Het wonderlijke insectenboek
    Cover Het wonderlijke insectenboek
    The Amazing Book of Insects
    Playful and accessible
    Eindhovens Dagblad

    Discover why the glow-worm glows, how the bombardier beetle got its name and in what way a caterpillar can disguise itself. An exceptional ode to the ultimate boss on earth, who will mesmerize young and old.

  • Cover A Book To Make Friends With
    Cover A Book To Make Friends With
    A Book To Make Friends With
    An overwhelming debut and a mind-expanding book *****
    De Standaard

    A psychedelic road trip full of chases, fights, religious hallucinations and freaked-out characters and dialogues. Author Lukas Verstraete really pulls out all the stops with graphic fireworks.

  • Jihad van liefde
    Jihad van liefde
    A Jihad for Love
    A passionate plea against hate, thirst for revenge and the urge for destruction
    De Volkskrant

    El Bachiri transforms the pain he suffered into a message of love and humanity, in which he appeals to western Muslims for a more humanist approach to Islam. ‘A Jihad for Love’ is the answer to the hatred of those who wish to divide us, of those who propagate violence and terrorism. 

  • Cover Cocaine
    Cover Cocaine
    Irresistibly funny
    Noordhollands Dagblad

    'Cocaine' is a no-holds-barred celebration of the seemingly limitless possibilities of the human imagination. It is a literary rollercoaster ride in the very best Russian tradition.

  • Cover - Shadow Zone
    Cover - Shadow Zone
    Shadow Zone
    A glittering, psychologically-charged firework! *****

    Kate works as a nurse in a psychiatric clinic for VIPs in London. Her life turns into a living hell when it turns out that a tweet with confidential information about a patient has been sent out into the world from her account. She loses her job and is hounded by the paparazzi. To make matters worse, there is someone else who’s got it in for her. A wonderfully-written, triumphant crime novel with strong characterisations, in which the various plot threads are cleverly interwoven.

  • Cover The Tramp
    Cover The Tramp
    The Tramp
    Maarten De Saeger confirms his status as a top talent.
    Cutting Edge

    In order to run away from her worries, Ines moves to her late grandfather’s farm in the Ardennes. One day a tramp appears on her doorstep who introduces himself as John. Ines offers him a bed for the night, but it soon becomes clear that the wandering eccentric is not in any great hurry to leave.

  • Cover Mazel Tov
    Cover Mazel Tov
    Mazel tov
    A must-read for everyone *****
    De Standaard

    'Mazel tov' is a compelling, thought-provoking story about children growing up in a Modern Orthodox sect, as seen through the eyes of a young woman who is not Jewish. It gives a unique glimpse of the unfamiliar world for both sides.

  • cover The People Healer
    cover The People Healer
    The People Healer
    Crystal clear literary magic *****
    De Volkskrant

    The young Remi, predestined to follow in his father’s footsteps as a farmer, is pursued by irrepressible dreams and voices. When Remi announces that he has a vocation and is to enter a strict order of monks, no one can understand him.

  • Cover Papa Zoglu
    Cover Papa Zoglu
    Papa Zoglu
    Masterfully composed by an enlightened illuminator
    Terres de legende

    A cross between a coming-of-age story and a social satire. This colourful, hilarious and tragic graphic novel is about identity and humanity, about not very intelligent design, about yesterday and tomorrow. With ‘Papa Zoglu’, Simon Spruyt has shown once again that he is one of the most ingenious and funniest comic-book creators in Flanders.

  • Cover Hallelujah
    Cover Hallelujah
    Bizarre, mysterious, incredibly powerful

    ‘Hallelujah’ is a feverish, yet also humorous collection about inevitable loss and the temptation of the clean slate.

  • Cover Grimly Good
    Cover Grimly Good

    Following the adaptation and sanitisation of fairy stories by the Brothers Grimm, Disney and others, writers are increasingly restoring these tales to their original, complex and sometimes dark and creepy forms. Marita de Sterck is the unbeatable master.

  • Cover Cherry Heaven
    Cover Cherry Heaven
    Cherry Heaven
    Aerts has the ability to make emotions glow beneath his words.

    Some friends are much more than that. They grow up like twin cherries on the same stalk. Adin and Dina have that kind of friendship. ‘Cherry Heaven’ is a sensitive story about going away and coming back, and about the power of friendship: in spite of Adin’s move to the city, the two children do whatever they can to stay connected.

  • Cover Tomorrow Is Another Country
    Cover Tomorrow Is Another Country
    Tomorrow Is Another Country
    Impactful. Shows shameful current realities that get deep under the skin.
    De Morgen

    A girl is hiding in the back of a lorry. She’s sharing the space with a horse, her mum, and Captain Compass, her best friend. They’re on their way to another country, where the walls don’t dance and the houses don’t fall, and where the sky doesn’t rumble like thunder when there’s not a cloud to be seen. A light book about a weighty subject.

  • Cover Choir
    Cover Choir
    A monument, in the oeuvre of Verhelst as well as in the history of poetry
    De Standaard

    ‘Choir’ is the first anthology of poems Peter Verhelst selected himself out of published and unpublished works. This new context forced Verhelst not only to change the chronological order, but often also to a rewriting of several poems.

  • Cover Billie & Seb
    Cover Billie & Seb
    Billie & Seb
    His sentences are balanced and rhythmic, his language shines. *****
    Haarlems Dagblad

    Seb and Billie are seventeen and are both a little strange. Thanks to their friendship, the quiet Seb blossoms and opens up. But then Billie has an accident on a trampoline and ends up in a coma. Seb stops going to school and shuts himself away inside his room and inside himself. His despairing parents give him an airsoft gun for Christmas.

  • Cover She Alone
    Cover She Alone
    She Alone
    Strong meat, but served in a very digestible form

    ‘She Alone’ is a story of a love between Western Europe and Islam, and a confrontation between and a merging of Europe and Islamic values, as well as a dystopic warning for Europe, and its growing fear of everything that is different.

  • Cover Something Inside Us Bowed Low
    Cover Something Inside Us Bowed Low
    Something Inside Us Bowed Low
    Breathtakingly beautiful *****
    De Standaard

    Yuji Kohara is a molecular biologist who is researching the roundworm, C. elegans. One evening he accidentally gets off the metro a stop early. His absentmindedness sets him on the trail of an old flame. What follows is a long night, a restless week and a strange rest of the year.

  • Cover Audrey & Anne
    Cover Audrey & Anne
    Audrey & Anne
    Fresh, alluring and powerful
    Flanders Today

    In her historical novel, which is based on actual events, Janzing shines the spotlight on the childhoods of two of the greatest icons of the 20th century: Audrey Hepburn and Anne Frank. Two world-famous girls born in the same year, connected by one devastating war.

  • Cover Will
    Winner Fintro Prize 2017
    Cover Will
    Winner Fintro Prize 2017
    A razor-sharp book about the cowardice we call neutrality *****
    De Standaard

    Wilfried Wils is an auxiliary policeman in Antwerp at the start of the Second World War. The city is in the grip of violence and distrust. Wilfried does what he can for himself, avoiding paths that are too slippery.

  • Cover The Convert
    Cover The Convert
    The Convert
    A crucial book that will stir hearts and minds ****
    De Standaard

    Stefan Hertmans based the story of ‘The Convert’ on historical facts, and he brings the Middle Ages to life with immense imagination and stylistic ingenuity. This is the story of three religions and a world going through massive change, a story of hope, love and hatred, a novel about a woman who can be certain of one thing: at home the death penalty awaits.

  • Cover Yucca
    Cover Yucca
    Brilliant. A moving tribute to the subconscious
    Vrij Nederland

    ‘Yucca’ is not a classic thriller with a dénouement. The pieces of the puzzle never all fall in the right place, but seek an answer to the question how to deal with threatening violence and loss.

  • Cover The Melting
    Cover The Melting
    The Melting
    A debut that you wish every writer would write: surprising, imaginative and merciless *****
    De Standaard

    Eva, in her late twenties, travels back to her native village with a big block of ice in her car. She has been invited to a viewing of a new milking parlour at a dairy farm where her childhood friend Pim still lives, an occasion that will also serve to commemorate the death of his older brother, who drowned as a young man. Slowly it becomes clear she returned to her village to take revenge for what happened to her as a child...

  • Cover Up To Date
    EU Prize for Literature
    Cover Up To Date
    EU Prize for Literature
    Up To Date
    Van Gerrewey proves once again that the intangible nature of love is still the ever-reliable fuel of literature
    De Morgen

    A man wakes up in a house belonging to friends who have gone on holiday. Accompanied by their cat, he recalls the previous summer, when a woman was still with him. He decides to write to her to bring her up to date with recent developments.

    Is this a letter of complaint from a jilted lover, an exhibitionist confession to the world, or a scrupulous self-examination?

  • Cover Hair
    Cover Hair
    Beautiful in its simplicity, honesty and humanity
    De Leesfabriek

    On their way home from a holiday on the Costa Brava, Suzanne, Catherine and Hanna watch as their mother is mowed down by lorry on the shoulder of a French motorway. From now on, father Ivo will do his best to raise their three daughters, but without great success.

  • Cover Wanderland
    Cover Wanderland
    Gronda writes clear prose, melancholy, but seasoned with a slight irony that alleviates the weight
    Haarlems Dagblad

    Three days before a major exhibition of his paintings in Venice Igor Nast receives a call from his half-brother, summoning him to Switzerland to his father's deathbed. A father of whom he cherishes not a single memory.

  • Cover Portrait of an Unknown Girl
    Cover Portrait of an Unknown Girl
    Portrait of an Unknown Girl
    Skorobogatov carries you off and bewitches you with his lovely language ****
    NRC Handelsblad

    ‘Portrait of an Unknown Girl’ is not only a powerful story of the beauty and tragedy of first love, but also an uncompromising portrait of an inhumane epoch and an oppressive regime that breaks people, punishes innocence and integrity and ruins lives.

  • Cover The Reflections
    Cover The Reflections
    The Reflections
    A writer at the peak of his ability

    After World War I Edgard Demont returns physically and emotionally wounded to his native country. In search of a safe place among the confusion and destruction he finds that lovers are more effective than medication in helping him live with injuries that go deeper than the scars on his flesh.

  • Cover Life Seen from Below
    Cover Life Seen from Below
    Life Seen from Below
    Packed with a Verhulstian wealth of poetry and politics

    Liliya Dimova is the art-loving merry widow of an aggrieved Bulgarian writer. Her final wish in life is to correct the literary history of communism and wipe out every word written by Soviet regime puppet Mikhail Sholokhov by using the pages of his book as toilet paper.

    For love of her late husband, and for all the other forgotten people who paid such a high price for their freedom of expression.

  • Cover The Man Who Didn't Want to be Buried
    Cover The Man Who Didn't Want to be Buried
    The Man Who Didn't Want to be Buried
    Lamrabet peels off skin after skin of the onion and does so in a magnificently compelling style ****
    De Volkskrant

    Moncif tells his story hiding under a table in the mortuary waiting for the guard to leave the building. His wife left him because he had distanced himself from Muslim culture and now that his brother has died in a car accident he has descended into deep despair.

  • Cover Silent Ground
    Cover Silent Ground
    Silent Ground
    Excellent, excellent, excellent!
    Josh Pachter

    Glasgow, 1983. One stormy November night, six-year-old Rosie Thompson disappears from the bedroom she shares with her twin sister Ruby. No trace of her can be found. Thirty years later, someone leaves a message in the confession book of an old Scots clergyman: ‘I’m sorry about what happened to Rosie Thompson. May God forgive me.’

  • Cover Soft Soap/The Leg
    Cover Soft Soap/The Leg
    Soft Soap/The Leg
    Elsschot possesses the rare knack of making a reader laugh, squirm and sob, all at the same time
    The New York Times

    The novellas ‘Soft Soap’ (1924) and ‘The Leg’ (1938) are two highlights from Elsschot’s fiction, linked by a common narrative and featuring the recurring tragicomic Keatonesque character of Frans Laarmans who also appears in Will-o’-the-Wisp (1946).

  • Cover The Alpha Cycle
    Cover The Alpha Cycle
    The Alpha Cycle
    He bursts from every page and every line is brimming with a zest for life
    Peter Verhelst

    ‘The Alpha Cycle’ is one of the most overwhelming reading experiences in postwar literature. This five-volume series owes its legendary status to Michiels’ unsurpassed use of crystal-clear, almost primitive language. The first two volumes in particular, ‘Book Alpha’ (1963) and ‘Orchis Militaris’ (1968), have lost nothing of their punch.

  • Cover cheese
    Cover cheese
    One can speak of Elsschot’s oeuvre as great European literature.
    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    Since its publication in English, ‘Cheese’ has conquered the world with translations in more than 30 languages. The novella deals with an episode in the life of Frans Laarmans, a clerk who is suddenly made chief representative of a Dutch cheese company. ‘Cheese’ is a satire of the business world and the perfect vehicle for Elsschot’s dry humorous style. In a brilliant evocation of the thirties, it depicts a world full of smart operators and failed businessmen.

  • Cover My Little War
    Cover My Little War
    My Little War
    This splendid, painful, sparkling book is worth reading and rereading
    De Standaard

    ‘My Little War’ is based on Boon's own war experiences during World War II. It is a collection of thirty loosely interrelated chapters, each containing a story that can be read independently. ‘My Little War’ is to Flemish literature what ‘Voyage au bout de la nuit’ by Louis-Ferdinand Céline is to French literature: a slap in the face to bourgeois literature, a radical experiment that thoroughly shook up the traditional novel.

  • Cover Minuet
    Cover Minuet
    One of the greatest figures in Flemish fiction
    De Nieuwe Gazet

    In ‘Minuet’, a man works eight hours a day in the deep-freeze basement of a factory. In that polar world he is accompanied only by his own fears and thoughts, and for hours on end he has conversations with himself. The neurotic protagonist poses critical questions about religion, monarchy and the State.

  • Cover Lament for Agnes
    Cover Lament for Agnes
    Lament for Agnes
    An unusually accomplished book

    ‘Lament for Agnes’ is essentially an autobiographical novel. The character of Agnes is in many respects that of Gijsen’s own fiancé who died of TB, while the narrator has much in common with the authors as a young man. ‘Lament for Agnes’ is a  novel that is once deeply personal and a fully independent work of art.