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Amarylis De Gryse

Amarylis De Gryse (b. 1989) lives in Antwerp, where’s she retraining as an organic farmer. She writes in a little wooden house next to the motorway. De Gryse soon stood out in the writing talent programme set up by the literary organisation deBuren. Her work is notable for tragicomic and absurdist elements, and a delicate prose shot through with melancholy. De Gryse is honing her skill as a narrator of down-to-earth tableaus: she has a good eye for la Flandre profonde and for family entanglements. There’s a lot of meat on the menu in her debut novel 'Pork Chops'. According to De Gryse, this was her way of saying farewell to certain dishes now that she’s adopted a vegan lifestyle.