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Bart Meuleman

Bart Meuleman (b. 1965) is a playwright, writes essays on subjects such as politics and pop music and, together with illustrator Paul Verrept, writes children’s book featuring his alter ego ‘Mister Retch’ (Meneertje Kokhals). Above all, though, Meuleman is a poet. His debut ‘kleine criminaliteit’ (petty crimes, 1997) already hints at the menace and ambiguity pervading his second volume 'hulp' (help, 2004). This second volume was nominated for the prestigious VSB poetry prize and awarded a Charlotte Köhler bursary. His third poetry volume, ‘omdat ik ziek werd’ (because I got ill) won the VSB Poetry Prize 2009 for young readers. His most recent volume ‘Mijn soort muziek’ (My kind of music’) was published in 2015.

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