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Bite-sized knowledge in fun facts

321 Super-smart Things You Have to Know Before You Turn 13

Louize Perdieus & Mathilda Masters

Did you know that a giraffe can lick the inside of its ears? That we have been brushing our teeth for thousands of years? That you can weigh your head by putting it in a bucket of water? Is it true that most people don't like clowns? That astronauts pee into a vacuum cleaner? And that bamboo sometimes grows more than a meter per day?

Once you start this book, you will not stop reading it or being amazed.

This encyclopaedia of facts deals with very diverse subjects that are collected into twelve categories. Readers can read the book from front to back or the other way around, or pick out the subjects that they find interesting. Animals and plants, the body, sport, famous and infamous people, history, geography, science, language, food and the universe: all these themes are dealt with in 321 surprising facts.

Louize Perdieus's humorous drawings illustrate Mathilda Masters' concise and clear texts in a funny way. Occasionally, a subject is dealt with more deeply with extra facts. ‘321 Super-smart Things You Have To Know Before You Turn 13’ is a fine pillow book for younger and older Einsteins.

The texts are nice and concise, the language smooth and accessible.
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A fantastically-designed book with surprising, funny facts and wonderful illustrations
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