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An astonishing picture book about architecture

A Book Full of Houses

Pieter Van Eenoge & Julie de Graaf

In ‘A Book Full of Houses’, illustrator Pieter Van Eenoge is able to give free rein to his love of architecture. In his clear painting style, which gives the impression of being almost geometric, he brings famous houses and architectural forms to life. From Le Corbusier’s La cité radieuse in Marseille, via houseboats and dwellings on stilts to Face House in Kyoto, time and again Van Eenoge and author Julie de Graaf find original links and viewpoints that connect different houses or styles. Four themes – material, form, location and art – serve as frameworks, creating yet more connections between the pages.

A tour de force. Engagingly and faultlessly executed
De Morgen

It's obvious that a great deal of research has found its way into this book. The illustrations are strikingly true to life, and at the same time Van Eenoge succeeds in making every image tell a story. The text provides interesting details, as well as background information in which sometimes complex ideas are clearly set out. A world map at the back of the book gives a wonderful impression of where all the buildings and styles in the book can be found. This is a colourful and intriguing work that treats both iconic architectural achievements and bizarre curiosities with equal amounts of love.

Beautiful dynamic pictures in Van Eenoge’s vivid geometric style
De Standaard