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Do not ask me to hate, I would rather die!

A Jihad for Love

Mohamed El Bachiri & David Van Reybrouck

Mohamed El Bachiri is a Belgian of Moroccan origin, a Muslim and a native of Molenbeek, the Brussels district regularly referred to as the breeding grounds for the recent attacks in Paris and the Belgian capital.

He is also the husband of Loubna Lafquiri, the love of his life and the mother of his children, who died on 22 March 2016 in the Brussels bombings. In late December of 2016, his loving speech on the television show ‘De Afspraak’ stirred millions of viewers and went on to become the most frequently viewed video ever on Flemish television.

A passionate plea against hate, thirst for revenge and the urge for destruction
De Volkskrant

In ‘A Jihad for Love’ - recorded and arranged by best-selling Flemish author David Van Reybrouck - Mohamed speaks about his growing-up years in Molenbeek, his love for his wife and his life after the attacks. As a tribute to Loubna, Mohamed transforms the pain he suffered with resilience and bravery into a message of love and humanity, in which he appeals to western Muslims for a more humanist approach to Islam. The result is a sober text of astonishing wisdom.

‘A Jihad for Love’ is the answer to the hatred of those who wish to divide us, of those who propagate violence and terrorism.