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An unforgettable high-flyer


Jan Van Der Veken

‘Airplanes’ is a remarkable reference work for pilots-to-be. In this book Jan Van Der Veken looks at the components of a plane and explains what forces are at work during flight. He outlines step by step how a plane can take off, land and circle. Van Der Veken also considers the influence of the weather and the atmosphere on flight. In addition, we learn how pilots communicate with one another, how they navigate in the air and on the runways and how order is maintained in an ever more crowded airspace. Finally, we are treated to a brief look at the future, with the author sharing a few predictions for the aviation sector.

Van Der Veken's line is so sharp that his world is beautifully streamlined. He transports us back to a time when the modern was exciting and artists knew how to draw.
The New Yorker on ‘Fabrica Grafica’

Alongside the informative passages that answer all kinds of questions about flying, the book also introduces the reader to several legendary aircraft that have made their mark in the history of aviation. From the very first prototypes to modern fighter jets: they are all given their own double-page spread with illustrations in red and white and a brief explanation.

The unique illustrations in the so-called atomic style contribute to the book’s industrial look. Van Der Veken produces clever, highly stylised illustrations that are not only technically correct but also atmospheric and poetic.

The longer you look, the more individuality is revealed and the artist’s unique style becomes apparent
Enola on ‘Fabrica Grafica’