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Princesses in a heroic leading role

And They Lived

Flore Deman & Elisabeth Lucie Baeten

Author Elisabeth Lucie Baeten turns the lives of fairytale princesses upside down. In classic fairytales they live happily ever after, having been saved by a prince. In ‘And They Lived’, Baeten presents an alternative reading of four well-known fairytales in which the female characters take the lead. Ariel opts for the swimming pool rather than ballet lessons, whilst her dad is happy that he can at last do what he’s always longed to do: dance. Sleeping Beauty wanted everything and never held back. Until it all became too much for her and she decided to just lay down on the sofa. Beauty lives contentedly with her two fathers. In the woods, she meets ‘the beast’ and they become the best of friends. Together they discover that what others think of them isn’t important. And scientist Rapunzel’s hair grows immensely long as the result of a potion she invented herself. She finds it extremely awkward and decides not to sell her concoction. Not even for lots and lots of money to all those bald men.

This book demolishes all pigeonholes and teaches children that they can be whoever they want to be.
De Morgen

These four contemporary and emancipatory stories provide much to talk about, since they are anything but unengaging. Visually too, this book breaks with the classic approach to fairytale princesses. The colourful, atmospheric pictures with their wealth of diverse characters fill the pages, and there are many humorous details to be discovered.

The four contemporary stories surprise with their effortless pace and their emancipatory and liberating content.
Inspiring stories and beautiful illustrations make this book a real treat.
Voor Uitgelezen Kinderen