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A sizzling homage to the south of Spain

Andalusian Journal

Stefan Brijs

After becoming incredibly successful as a novelist, Stefan Brijs moved to Loma León, a southern Spanish hamlet in the mountains east of Malaga, in the spring of 2014. Throughout 2016, he kept a logbook, a colourful collection of notes and impressions, experiences and stories about the nature, culture, history and people of Andalusia.

He embodies his perspective, which is analytic and constantly eager to learn
NRC Handelsblad

From his village, he travelled off the beaten track from east to west and from north to south, all the while keeping a captivating account of his journeys, structured month by month. He found forgotten celebrities, hidden masterpieces and unique areas of nature. In addition, he describes in his own inimitable style day-to-day life and the effects the political stalemate of the time had on it, thus sketching a picture of a society that struggles with its past while simultaneously holding on to its traditions.

With the inquisitive gaze that characterises all his works, Stefan Brijs takes a first look at the riches of his new home port, Andalusia.