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Absolutely Fabulous in the jungle

Ans & Wilma Are Lost

Kaatje Vermeire & Alice Reijs & Ariane van Vliet

Neighbours Ans and Wilma spend all day chatting at the kitchen table. Wilma thinks it’s time for a change and takes Ans out walking – they might as well talk in the forest. But when the two ladies get hopelessly lost, irritation, bickering and nagging gain the upper hand. They are even forced to spend the night out in the open! Ans’s imagination promptly runs wild. Firing question after question at Wilma, she takes her friend on an emotional rollercoaster. 

Full of crazy dialogue and vivid images, providing hours of narrative fun

Although it covers loaded themes such as loneliness and death, the book never becomes deadly serious. The quirky relationship between the women is an entertaining premise. And although Ans and Wilma get on each other’s nerves, when the chips are down they are inseparable. 

‘Ans & Wilma Are Lost’ started off as a theatrical performance, which is reflected in the humorous dialogue and sharp, staccato lines. The bright colours in the illustrations by Kaatje Vermeire complement the theatrical story exceptionally well. The illustrator portrays two prim and proper ladies traipsing through a fairy-tale forest while gesticulating wildly. It’s a pleasure to look at, with vivid colours, comical characters and imaginative details.