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An exercise in humanity

At Home in Music

Alicja Gescinska

Does music enrich humanity and society? Over time, philosophers have considered this question with a great deal of scepticism. Plato warned that music can bring about dangerous changes in society. Centuries later, Adorno pointed to the damaging power of jazz, which he thought would turn us into acquiescent citizens.

A philosophical quest that has resulted in a beautiful and concise little book. Every sentence counts.
NRC Handelsblad

Alicja Gescinska is convinced that music is more uplifting than it is pernicious. It can play an important part in our personal and moral development. This is something we often lose sight of these days. Music has all but disappeared from education, and in daily life we see it mainly as a source of relaxation, distraction or consolation. In this lucid essay Gescinska demonstrates that music is a foundation of our lives rather than mere ornamentation. Music allows us to come home to ourselves and creates a home for us in the world. 

Love for music, captured in gently flowing sentences.
De Standaard