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Excitement and adventure in the Palaeolithic


Jolien Janzing & Linde Faas

Some forty thousand years ago, two species of human lived in Europe at the same time: the Neanderthal and a newcomer, Homo sapiens sapiens. Eleven-year-old Atta and her clan are Minglers, the result of interbreeding between the two species. Atta is sick of continually having to pick berries along with the women and children, while the boys are allowed to go hunting with the men. So she takes matters into her own hands – and finds herself eye to eye with a savage mammoth. She loses her way, is injured and ends up with a tribe of Neanders, who receive her warmly. So warmly, in fact, that she’s not sure whether they’ll let her go again.

Pure and adventurous without any fuss; a breath of fresh air amid the hype of children’s book country.
Friesch Dagblad

Atta is a cocky and headstrong girl that you’ll immediately take to your heart. In this thrilling adventure she gains a better knowledge of both herself and her prejudices. Neander boy Noz is an exceptionally charming character as well, who with Atta’s help goes through a wonderful evolution. Jolien Janzing brings to life a version of prehistoric times that makes a delightful setting. The atmospheric colour illustrations by Linde Faas make the achievement complete.

Linde Faas’ illustrations perfectly suit Atta, who looks out into the world fearlessly and with an open mind.