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Graphic novel about a remarkable weekend with a special grandmother

Beware of Grandma

Melvin & Stefan Boonen

‘Beware of Grandma’ tells the story of a remarkable weekend. The star role goes to a quirky grandmother who travels to a hut in the forest with ten children. A grandmother who is alternately a witch, a super-warrior or a tomboy. But also a grandmother who’s caring and loving. The narrator of the story is ‘Little One’, who expands his boundaries throughout the story. As well as being full of humour, this is a philosophical book with emotion embedded in both text and image.

A delightful must-have!
Cutting Edge

In ‘Beware of Grandma’, all child-rearing principles are tossed out the window for the sake of pleasure. The story is packed with adventures and outlandish situations, each magnified by one constant: harmony between text and image. The chemistry between author and illustrator is most palpable in the dialogues. What the author formulates succinctly in memorable words, the illustrator lets explode in a medley of successive images filled with countless details.

The pleasure splashes off the page.
De Morgen
Dutch trailer