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A treasury of childhood mementoes


Bart Moeyaert

Bart Moeyaert is the youngest of seven brothers. His early years in his native city of Bruges were particularly happy and furnished him with an abundance of material for this much-praised autobiographical collection. Together, the stories form a mosaic of tiny mirrors, each reflecting a glimpse of his own past. A breeze blows through these stories that will make you laugh even if you have no brothers or sisters. The reader sees the world through the eyes of the child Moeyaert was and the man he is now – no wonder the book appeals to such a varied readership. In the forty-nine stories, humour, warmth and a sense of solidarity are prominent, but between the lines lies a far richer spectrum of emotions.

Just as much a sensitive novel for young readers as a slim, poetic volume for adults
HP/De Tijd

As suggested by the subtitle ‘The oldest, the quietest, the realest, the farthest, the nicest, the fastest and me’, everyone is unique but, consequently, sometimes terribly lonely. That loneliness and the strength required to find a place for yourself in the world come touchingly to life in this collection of stories about the youngest in a boisterous family.

Moeyaert proves without doubt that even a happy childhood can be a goldmine for a writer.
De Volkskrant
A book that you savour while reading, in order to rummage amongst your own treasury of childhood mementoes.