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Enchanting and intoxicating

Devil's Herb

Marita de Sterck

From an early age, Tanne is fascinated by Mien, the village herbalist. Against her parents’ wishes, she becomes the woman’s apprentice. Helping people the way Mien does: that’s what Tanne wants to do too. But what she finds even more interesting than medicinal herbs is so-called ‘love magic’, which makes people fall in love. With the help of her herbs and her charms she snares the man she wants.

Full to bursting with anger, fear, incomprehension, secrets and frustration. Fiendishly beautiful ****
de Volkskrant

Sixty years later. Shepherd Yara has only known her grandmother Tanne for a few years. Yara’s mother always claimed that she no longer had parents. Grandmother and granddaughter bond over their love for the heath. Until slowly but surely Yara learns why Tanne’s parents, husband and even her own daughter have turned their backs on her. Meanwhile, Tanne is growing increasingly convinced that the devil is coming for her.

The wild heath forms the backdrop to a story that straddles several generations, with the devil as the one constant. Is there any truth in what old Tanne sees and believes? Marita de Sterck has written a fascinating book that not only reveals the truth bit by bit, but is also full of sensuous descriptions that draw the reader into a world of magic.

A book that captivates, poisons and heals, just like Tanne’s herbs
bestselling author Floortje Zwigtman