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A new, audacious and feminine perspective

Dirty Sheets. A Contemporary View on Sexuality

Heleen Debruyne & Anaïs Van Ertvelde

Sex is everywhere. On television, on the streets, on social media – there’s no escaping it. Entwined bodies, suggestive half-open mouths and sex games are the order of the day. This can only mean that we, Westerners, are liberated, truly free to do as we like with our bodies. For a long time Anaïs Van Ertvelde and Heleen Debruyne agreed, but then they started to notice more and more that their desires clashed with established norms, well-hidden but all the more persistent for that.

A shamelessly intelligent book about sex
De Standaard

In this book they show that our supposed sexual freedom is an illusion. They explore history, culture and science, and their own experiences, to discover the things that restrict our bodies. These adventurous essays tackle such questions as:

  • Why porn turns us on but we still insist on erasing our search history

  • Why women hide their tampons

  • Why we never learned how a clitoris actually worked during Sex Ed.

  • Why people think virgins have a hymen

  • ... and much more.

This book is a real treasure-chest of knowledge in which the lighthearted and sometimes humorous essays cover many of our unnecessary embarrassments on sexuality.

For everyone who wants to know more about (female) sexuality. For everyone who knows hardly anything about sexuality. But especially for those who think they know everything about sexuality.