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The secrets of secret agents revealed


Yannick Pelegrin & Lars Bové

This nonfiction book plunges us into the intriguing world of secret agents around the globe. Author Lars Bové covers many different angles, giving us a historical overview with facts and figures, well-known intelligence services, famous spies and remarkable events. Likewise, all the different facets of the profession and tools of the trade are outlined very clearly: bugging devices and other gadgets, weapons and poisons, code language, cyber espionage and spy animals – because dogs, pigeons, fish and dolphins are also involved in espionage. The book ends with tips to kickstart your own career as a spy.

A real treasure. Each one of Yannick Pelegrin’s drawings is a story in itself.

The information is presented in bite-sized pieces, written in plain language and complemented with imaginative and atmospheric illustrations. The red, green and brown hues evoke an enigmatic mood that is consistent with the mystery of the topic. Illustrator Yannick Pelegrin, who is best known as a graphic novelist, rendered one theme in the book like a proper graphic novel, which results in a lovely intermezzo.

An extraordinary piece of writing with atmospheric drawings that perfectly capture the mystery and suspense of espionage ****
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