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A razor-sharp portrait

Everyone's Sorry Nowadays

Bart Moeyaert

Her mother thinks Bianca is a girl that requires special treatment. Her father thinks she is unmanageable. Besides, he reckons, Bianca doesn’t have to spend every single weekend with him and his younger girlfriend. Every other week may be enough. The centre of attention at home is her little brother Alan, who has a heart condition.

And Bianca herself? She doesn’t say a word. While her mother thinks she knows what’s going on inside, Bianca can’t really get her head around it. Until one hot afternoon in August, Billie King, her favourite actress, is sitting in the living room, sipping a cup of tea. With Billie King around, Bianca is brave enough to take a decision.

A master of suspense and of the subtle untangling of painful situations *****
De Standaard

This long-awaited novella meets all expectations. Bart Moeyaert sketches an insightful portrait of a young girl who doesn’t know what to do with herself. A pivotal afternoon in Bianca’s life is described in minute detail from her own perspective. In his inimitable style, Moeyaert creates an oppressive atmosphere, in which smouldering tensions can erupt any moment. A book that will resonate with readers for a long time.

An exceptionally intimate and intense novel. An encounter you’ll never forget.
Bianca's anger is tangible. *****
de Volkskrant