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Follow your dream


Tom Schoonooghe & Dimitri Leue

Jack isn’t an ordinary gnome. He doesn’t live in a mushroom, and he doesn’t have a beard. And he doesn’t want to be a gnome anymore, but dreams of becoming a cowboy. First he goes looking for a cowboy hat, because cowboy hats are cool. Unfortunately, though, he can’t find one that’s small enough for his little head. The next step in his transformation is to find a horse, because every cowboy has a horse. But that’s not easy either, because he’s not sure there’s any such thing as a gnome horse… Luckily he meets a chick who also wants to rebel against his life in the henhouse. Together, the gnowboy and his horse form a duo that sets off into the wide world in search of adventure.

Imaginative, colourful and full of humour

Dimitri Leue packs this funny story about breaking away from conventional patterns with puns and absurd jokes. Tom Schoonooghe’s illustrations in coloured pencil are cheerful, lively and full of details. His illustrations are bright and playful and often have hidden depths. His style shows some similarities with artists who fascinate him, such as Miró and Picasso.

Original and friendly picture book
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