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Greek heroes were only human


Sebastiaan Van Doninck & Daan Remmerts de Vries

The ancient Greeks didn’t have it easy. Their country seemed to be awash with magical creatures, usually with malign intentions. And they also had to fear the wrath of the gods. Because the gods were strikingly human in their feelings, especially when it came to revenge. Oracles were popular, certainly among kings, but their predictions almost always had dire consequences. In 'Heroes', Daan Remmerts de Vries and Sebastiaan Van Doninck bring the Greek myths and legends to life. And how!

Truly unsurpassed
Friesch Dagblad

The book recounts all the well-known stories (and many others that spring from them) – from the twelve labours of Hercules to Ariadne’s thread and Medusa’s lethal gaze. Remmerts de Vries uses modern idiom and humour to make these heroes – who are human after all – sympathetic characters. Oedipus is stung into calling a prince an ‘irritating prick’, and Athene finds it ‘pretty intense’ that Perseus has to hack off Medusa’s head. Sebastiaan Van Doninck skilfully places the Greek landscape at the heart of these tales in atmospheric full-page illustrations, interspersed with smaller drawings in blue ink. A book bursting with larger than life adventures.

A glorious and absolutely enchanting book
A style that’s more than surprising: it’s contemporary and fresh