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Breathtaking interpretation of the biblical story of the Flood

In the Shadow of the Ark

Anne Provoost

In 'In the Shadow of the Ark' Anne Provoost takes her inspiration from the Biblical account of the Flood. Re Jana and her family leave the rising water levels of the marshes for the desert where it is rumoured that the largest vessel of all time is being built. It seems an absurd undertaking, but as a boat-builder Re Jana’s father is able to convince the chief engineer of his expertise and his family finds a new home. A forbidden love blossoms between Re Jana and Cham. As the work progresses more and more questions are raised and the chief engineer can no longer hide the fact that the vessel is not for everyone but only for all species of animal and a select company of human beings.

Sizzles with activity and teems with life: you can hear the banging of the tools, you can feel the builders’ delight
De Standaard

Anne Provoost enthrals the reader with a chronicle of quickly changing events in what is nevertheless a calmly developing story, with vivid scenes that appeal strongly to the imagination. For this purpose she uses a sober, slightly solemn style that occasionally strikes a somewhat Biblical note. For those already able to read with some insight, this Old Testament story, which in the first instance carries the reader along with a turbulent adventure, is also a striking metaphor for the contemporary world.

It tackles so many themes, it is so elegantly written, and it is so breathtakingly narrated that it is difficult to remain unmoved
NRC Handelsblad