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A headstrong brother and sister and their take on the world

Lina and Judocus know best

Evelien De Vlieger & Sabien Clement

Lina and Judocus have a unique take on the world. They talk about the big things and the little things in life and if there’s anything they don’t know they just make it up. They play Cowboys and Indians, stand on their head until they’re allowed to go to the funfair and complete a crossword puzzle to the best of their ability, without letting ignorance of the different letters of the alphabet be too much of a hindrance.

Great for children and adults alike

Impulsive and unflappable, the curious twosome try to find answers to the most absurd questions. Lina and Judocus are only too happy to question all those things adults take for granted. All too often, the siblings know best. And who’s to say they’re wrong?

‘Lina and Judocus know best’ is made up of eleven miniature stories full of squabbling and obstinate ideas. The whole resembles a kind of comic without frames or speech balloons. Clement draws the figures with delicate lines and imbues them with great expression and mobility. The two children each have their own colour scheme – green and red – which comes back in the text. Familiar themes are approached from an original angle and leavened with tongue-in-cheek humour. 

Hilarious – a very funny book