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Better than the dream

Little Man and Little Woman Are Having a Baby

Kaatje Vermeire & Brigitte Minne

Little Man and Little Woman are longing for a child. ‘Little Woman,’ says Little Man one day. ‘How about a child?’ Little Woman’s head fills with music and she grows all warm inside, as if she’s wrapped in a silky soft patchwork quilt. ‘Oh, Little Man,’ she whispers.

But before they make a child, Little Man and Little Woman start to fantasize about what their child should look like. They imagine what it will be able to do and what it would look like. However, when their baby is finally born, he is not at all how his parents imagined him to be. One of his ears is just that little bit longer than the other and Little Man and Little Woman have a fright when they count only four toes instead of five on one foot. Still, he is just right…

Stunning, imaginative visuals
De Standaard

‘Little man and Little Woman are having a baby’ is a heart-warming book about having a child. The book blends a dreamy and evocative story by Brigitte Minne with the surrealist atmosphere of Kaatje Vermeire’s illustrations. With a combination of collage, painting, drawing, graphic and digital techniques, she adds – both literally and figuratively – extra layers of meaning to this charming story.

Both text and pictures are poetic and romantic.