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Life and work of the greatest twentieth-century Belgian artist

Magritte’s Apple

Klaas Verplancke

In this surreal picture book Klaas Verplancke introduces René Magritte as a painter short of subjects. The illustrations show the painter literally lying awake surrounded by walls covered in empty frames. Magritte is not interested in the depiction of reality; it makes him literally fall asleep. What he fails to do during the day manifests itself in his dreams: he projects himself onto the canvas as he shapes his world-famous apple.

Absurdity at its best

Then Verplancke demonstrates how our everyday reality is distorted; existing figures and objects are given a new content, and merge into new creations. Margritte’s evolution into a world-renowned painter emerges almost unconsciously. Again we find ourselves in Magritte’s bedroom: this time the painter is surrounded by countless creations of his own. Canvases and frames give access via painted doors and windows to a reality beyond our reality.

‘Magritte’s Apple’ is a successful introduction to the richly nuanced oeuvre of the Belgian artist, which at the same time invites one to explore further. Verplancke shows himself a born surrealist.

Verplancke’s retro modern illustrations are beautifully crafted
Kid’s Book Review
The essence of surrealism has rarely been summarized this concisely as well as convincingly.
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