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A crazy graphic novel about friendship and imagination


Melvin & Stefan Boonen

‘Mammoth (About Theo, One of the Best Boys Ever)’ is the story of Theodore Bob Princel the First. Theo’s parents are rich and successful, and they want nothing less for their son. He’s destined for great things, as reflected in his busy daily programme: dancing lessons, soccer, singing, math, judo, yoga … He and Nanny Leg-Hair race through lesson after lesson after lesson. Until Nanny takes a nap, leaving Theo to set off on an adventure. He finds crocodiles in the bathtub and hunts for mammoth turds in the garden. And he knows where he can find prehistory. It’s not far away, just beyond the garden shrubs.

A dazzling graphic novel in all shades of red
Leven in Leuven

There, Theo has adventures with cannibals, sabre-toothed tigers and Marga the prehistoric girl. She takes him to the secret place where the mammoth sleeps, but there they are confronted by a gang of wild and hungry boys. To escape, Theo has to fight and run for his life.

In this second collaboration, Stefan Boonen and Melvin demonstrate like no others how well they understand the crazy tales children with good taste love to consume.

Theo’s adventures jostle with each other in textual and visual jokes, in a magnified story teeming with ideas
NBD Biblion