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Everything you need to know about useful bacteria and nasty viruses

Monstrous Microbes

Sebastiaan Van Doninck & Marc Van Ranst & Geert Bouckaert

In this fun looking book the authors take an accessible approach to children’s most frequently asked questions about microbes, bacteria and viruses – the kinds of questions we are all preoccupied with in this era dominated by the Corona crisis. ‘Monstrous Microbes’ consists of five chapters, each focusing on a particular theme and subdivided into five sub-questions. We are told what microbes are, why you should wash your hands before a meal, whether the coronavirus is the nastiest virus there is and what antibiotics are. Each chapter is followed by a handy quiz, so readers can test how much they have retained about the subject. The final chapter features five easy-to-do experiments that allow young readers to think of themselves as proper microbiologists and explore the origins, appearance and spread of bacteria in a practical way.

Fantastically fun drawings, scientifically accurate information and answers to the most urgent questions

Sebastiaan Van Doninck’s illustrations are cheerful, colourful and fun. He has anthropomorphised the microbes in an engaging way: the comical creatures are eye-catching and inject a dose of humour and playfulness into the informative text. Sometimes the viruses and bacteria look nasty, sometimes almost cute.

‘Monstrous Microbes’ was written with children in mind, but while it unlocks a scientific subject for a young readership it is equally informative for adults.

A fun book that’s also illuminating for adults. Boasting a surprising wealth of information
A clear and accessible book written with children in mind
De Morgen