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Colourful and cheerful story about the power of rumours


Ruth De Jaeger & Yelena Schmitz & Nina Claes

Faded glory reigns in Solnistad. The town used to be famous for its Fountains Festival, and Montolato nougat bars were known all over the globe. World-famous singer Esmeralda Jonagold had a summer residence there. But now it’s always hot in Solnistad and the fountains have been shut off to save water. The nougat factory is working at half capacity and Esmeralda Jonagold has been missing for four years. Until someone says they think they spotted the superstar at the abandoned railway station. A rumour mill starts up. Could it be that Esmeralda Jonagold will make her great comeback, fifty years after the last Fountains Festival?

A funny, irresistible and surprising story that stays with you in unexpected ways

‘Murmurs’ is a delightful story about rumours and fantasies that get bigger and bigger. Little Willie, on his roller skates, connects all the other quirky characters, like Norma the taxi driver (who’d prefer to be a stuntwoman), Olle the newsagent (who’s mad keen on gossip and nougat bars) and Sheila, the street-dog minder (who houses the dogs in the abandoned hotel). The tension is expertly built up until the whole town is polished to a shine and even the crown princess takes her seat ready for Esmeralda’s expected performance.  But will she appear? Ruth De Jaeger’s illustrations bring Solnistad and its residents cheerfully and swingingly to life in her dynamic pictures full of colour and detail.

The delightful illustrations by Ruth De Jaeger contribute to the story just as much as the text. The characters and colours swirl across the pages