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Two epic, captivating tales brought together


Bart Van Loo

The French Revolution and Napoleon: two epic, captivating tales from western history brought together in a vibrant and compelling narrative. This revised and expanded edition is the result of working on the French translation, published by Flammarion in 2023.

Napoleon, one of the most influential figures in history, continues to fascinate. But he also continues to raise plenty of questions. How come an unknown Corsican managed to persuade the French people that he was the man they had all been waiting for? Who was the emperor who fought his way through Europe, leaving millions of casualties in his wake, and who ultimately met his end in a sodden field near Waterloo?

A consummate storyteller. Narrative history of the most fascinating kind

Bart Van Loo goes in search of the man behind the myth. He finds answers in the gripping and highly turbulent period of the French Revolution, when the old world died and everything changed. The shadow of that revolution would always hang over Napoleon.