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Beyond the boundaries of gender and colour

Nobody is Going to Sleep Here Tonight

Rachida Aziz

In ‘Nobody is Going to Sleep Here Tonight’, Rachida Aziz dips her pen in vitriol in the best tradition of literary polemic to give the established order a good dressing down. She starts out from a series of decisive moments in her own life, then uses them to smash firmly anchored truths to smithereens.

In a burning indictment, Rachida Aziz takes a stand on behalf of the eternal victims of chronic social injustice.
De Morgen

Every day Rachida Aziz is confronted with how it feels not to belong. In this book she writes from the position of all the different roles she sees herself as needing to adopt to throw off the constraints to which she was condemned by her place in Flemish society. She describes that liberation as her own process of decolonisation. As a philosopher she deconstructs the debate about norms and values. As an anthropologist she reveals the concept of ‘whiteness’ to be a construct of the force of numbers. As the object of its attention, she takes a close look at the media that have cast her as a role model.

A book like a sledgehammer, and an eye-opener.

This book is a forceful act and a battle cry, an open letter and a beacon. Let’s hope it also becomes a milestone.