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Friendship, growing up and saying goodbye

Owlet and Twiglet

Sabien Clement & Raf Walschaerts & Ariane Sonck

Owlet and Twiglet are two little owls who live in a nest on a branch of their beloved Apple Tree. The old tree has looked after them ever since their parents were killed by a hawk. Now it’s time for them to fly the nest, but will they have the courage? They talk about having courage, missing loved ones, feeling sad and saying goodbye. Owlet is the first to take the leap. But he who would learn to fly must fall… and Sparrowhawk isn’t far away. Apple Tree sacrifices himself to save Owlet.

True gems of illustrations. An exquisite picture book

‘Owlet and Twiglet’ is a special book about the power of love. Though his presence, Apple Tree softens the great sadness felt by the two little owls, and when he makes the ultimate sacrifice, he not only saves their lives but also gives them the courage they need to finally fly the nest. Sabien Clement expresses the vulnerability of the little owls in a beautifully sensitive way, in shades of green with orange accents. She represents their longing for their parents in moving illustrations bursting with warmth. Raf Walschaerts and Ariane Sonck demonstrate their skill with words in this story, which never feels heavy despite being full of emotion.

Master storytellers