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What does violence mean nowadays?

Philosophy of Violence

Lode Lauwaert

We usually think of violence in black and white terms: it is good or bad. Philosophers are expected to provide arguments in support of that perspective. Lode Lauwaert, who compiled Philosophy of Violence, believes that such a reductionist view of the world cannot adequately answer complex questions. For example: how should we understand terrorism? Can violence be beneficial? Is our economy violent? Can love be cruel? What is the connection between the law and violence?

These are the kinds of questions he posed to Flemish and Dutch philosophers. His research resulted in nine essays in which occasionally very diverse aspects of the concept of ‘violence’ are outlined in a personal manner. While doing so, all the authors cite philosophers who shone a light on various manifestations of violence in the past. The common factor in these essays is the tense relationship between individuals and society.

Giving new contextual dimensions to a word that is increasingly being used in the media with the exclusive definition of ‘causing harm to others’
Cutting Edge

‘Philosophy of Violence’ is an erudite, rich and varied book that encourages the reader to think differently about violence. With contributions from Wim Weymans, Ignaas Devisch, Maarten Boudry, Ruud Welten, Nicolas de Warren, Marc De Kesel, Paul Cliteur, Jens De Vleminck and Antoon Vandevelde.