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Revenge, lust and love in the time of the Vikings

Red Snow

Jan De Leeuw

Hallgerd is born in the frozen North, a land of wolves and snow – and of kings who vie for power. It is an inhospitable place, especially for women, though things are not so bad for Hallgerd, as the daughter of an earl and an Irish princess. But then fate steps in. One night, Hallgerd loses everything she holds dear. Asmund, her father’s enemy, leaves her alone and without a future. After that night Hallgerd has only one thing on her mind: revenge. She vows to hurt Asmund by striking at what is dearest to him. Nothing will stand in her way. Until she meets Magnus. He gives her the chance to start a new life. But her desire for vengeance cannot be forgotten so easily.

With this powerfully written, enthralling epic, De Leeuw has taken a new step in his authorship. A faithful account of a time long past.
De Leeswelp

In ‘Red Snow’, Jan De Leeuw has written a brutal but gripping book about an intriguing time in which a person’s destiny was determined by family, honour, blood feuds and the savagery of nature. Hallgerd’s story is told in seven chapters, from the perspective of seven very different characters. De Leeuw succeeds in giving every character their own voice, and in convincingly evoking the age of the Vikings, with their violence, lust and desire for conquest.