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All aboard for a fascinating voyage of discovery in and around the water


Peter Goes

Rivers can be found all over the world: big and small, wide and narrow, with tributaries stretching to the far corners of the earth, churning wildly, flowing majestically, meandering. Rivers are essential for our drinking water, agriculture and fishing. We use them to power machines and generate energy. No wonder then that all the major rivers have mythical connotations. They appeal to our imagination.

A gem
De Standaard

In ‘Rivers’ Peter Goes travels to the most famous seas, lakes and rivers across Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania: from the Nile to the Amazon, from the Mekong Delta to the Mississippi and from the Danube to the Fly. Goes creates playful and extremely detailed double-page spreads in which text and image form a unified whole. This rich book is also chockfull of historical, biological and cultural facts and figures.

As he did in his previous work, Goes chooses to have one dominant colour on each page, thereby lending the illustration a particular atmosphere. Thanks to the many details readers can keep discovering new things in Goes’s remarkable fantasy world. 

A broad, shallow, teeming torrent of facts and marvels: Readers tempted to take a dip will be swept irresistibly along.
Kirkus Reviews
Peter Goes has used rich colours to design maps that seem alive and in which children can truly immerse themselves.
Kulturradio vom rbb
Peter Goes speaks about 'Rivers'