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A lonely fox cub and a mother hen with a heart of gold

Robber's Cub

Jef Aerts & Martijn van der Linden

Chicken Vera is the only one of the flock to survive a fox’s raid, because she’s sitting on eggs. Next to the barn she finds a frightened fox cub that has lost its hunting mother. She knows she really ought to chase the cub away, but her motherly heart is too big. She hides him under her wings and names him Spark. Spark grows up along with her chicks. But when the other hens turn against Vera’s adopted cub, she leaves the chicken run along with him. In the outside world their relationship seems less natural than they imagined and eventually Vera returns to the farm. Will she ever see Spark again?

Playful, inventive and magnificently illustrated story
De Morgen

In the tradition of old fables and fairy tales, ‘Robber's Cub’ is a timeless story about tolerance and about caring for others, even for an enemy’s child. Born storyteller Jef Aerts takes readers of all ages with him in this heart-warming, funny and exciting quest to find out who you really are. The powerful illustrations by Martijn van der Linden bring the special bond between mother hen and fox cub beautifully to life.

Text and image repeatedly complement each other in this clever picture book.
A delightful read-aloud story with beautiful insights