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Dynamic and humorous adventures of two neighbours


Koen Van Biesen

In ‘Roger is Reading a Book’, all Roger wants is some peace and quiet so he can read his book. Unfortunately, Emily, the girl next door, likes making music and playing with all kinds of things. The noise she makes is driving Roger crazy. Until he gives the girl a book of her own, and she discovers that reading can be just as much fun as playing basketball or banging a drum. But then Roger’s dog decides it is time to make some noise…

A beautifully crafted piece of work
Publishers Weekly

In ‘Roger is Going Fishing’ Roger cycles out of town to go fishing, with Emily on the back of his bike. It’s busy in town, with people running from A to B. Roger speeds through the streets as Emily, with the fishing rod in her hand, catches plenty of things before they’ve even left the town: a teenager’s skateboard, a genteel lady’s umbrella… And, of course, the injured parties run after the bike, which results in scenes of cheerful chaos. And with a great catch in the end!

A humorous picture book with a great pace

Both stories rely on repetition and on what the words don’t say. The reader has to fill in the gaps with the help of the illustrations. These are original and surprising because of their composition, the mixed collage technique, including fragments of photographs, and the use of colour.

In ‘Roger is Reading a Book’ Van Biesen brings sounds and rhythm into his pictures, echoing the rhythmic sentences. And in ‘Roger is Going Fishing’ the illustrations have the same pace and speed as the story and as Roger speeding along on his bike.

Cover Roger is Going Fishing
COVER OF 'Roger is Going Fishing'