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On Putin’s Russia, the spirit of Pushkin and the spectres of Siberia

Russia’s Fortune. A Journey to the Loneliest People on Earth

Johan de Boose

When Johan De Boose packs his bags, readers know they are in for a treat. Russia’s Fortune takes him to the heart of his first love, a country that has enthralled him ever since his days as a young student of Slavonic languages. Travelling from Moscow to Vladivostok and from St Petersburg to the Caucasian mountains, he takes the reader on an exhilarating journey through time and space.

Do you love the work of Ryszard Kapuscinski and Geert Mak? Then do pick up “Russia’s Fortune” – you won’t regret it!
Cutting Edge

From the outset De Boose admits to a love for all things Russian. At the same time he readily acknowledges that he is entering a madhouse. Russia is a cradle rocking above an abyss, De Boose quotes Vladimir Nabokov.

What was Russia’s past? What is its future? Given that De Boose is both a romantic and a sceptic, he manages to find a perfect balance between unconditional enthusiasm and sober observation. He knows all too well that Russian history is a succession of state terror and cringing servility. And what about the Russian soul? Although De Boose would love to find it, he admits it is a futile hunt.

An impressive collection of travelogues
Geert Mak

De Boose never flinches from asking questions about himself either. Could his passion for Russia have anything to do with a predilection for tragedy and suffering?