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Graphic masterpiece for every captain in the making

Ships & Boats

Jan Van Der Veken

In ‘Ships & Boats’ we dive into the wonderful world of ships and shipping. The book includes a quirky selection from the technical aspects of ships, and is peppered with extraordinary facts and anecdotes. Van Der Veken explains with great clarity exactly what ships look like and why. He introduces readers to several magnificent ships and captains that have helped to make maritime history. He also looks in detail at communication at sea, including morse code and semaphore, and the way lighthouses work. All through the book, Van Der Veken focuses on the beautiful, remarkable and poetic aspects of technology. In the final chapter he looks at myths and at superstition among sailors.

Van Der Veken's line is so sharp that his world is beautifully streamlined. He transports us back to a time when the modern was exciting and artists knew how to draw.

Jan Van Der Veken combines the organic structure of the book with playful illustrations in 'ligne claire' style and in extensive technical drawings. They place the book, as they did his Planes, in a unique position among nonfiction titles for children. No well-trodden paths here, and the book is not intended to be encyclopaedic. Despite that, ‘Ships & Boats’ will undoubtedly stir the interest of adults too.

The longer you look, the more individuality is revealed and the artist’s unique style becomes apparent.