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A historical train journey with impressive prints

The Big Book of Trains

Mattias De Leeuw

From the very first pages, ‘The Big Book of Trains’ more than lives up to its title: it offers an historical overview of the development of trains, starting with the Industrial Revolution and the steam train. It covers such advances as the transcontinental railway, the first train in Belgium, the Orient Express, high-speed trains and the role that trains have played in coastal tourism and freight transport. John Porter’s texts reveal the far-reaching impact this evolution has had on everyday life. The book concludes with a concise summary of several of history’s more iconic trains.

Powerful visual refinement, fascinating prints
Cutting Edge

In his familiar, delicate style and from different perspectives, Mattias De Leeuw creates his own universe, executing it in great detail. There’s so much to discover and rediscover in the colourful, interactive and dynamic prints. Moreover, they exude a nostalgic atmosphere.

‘The Big Book of Trains’ is also a ‘hidden picture’ book: every double spread conceals three girlfriends, a puppy and a family.

The beautifully detailed colour illustrations are striking
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