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An extraordinary ode to a great little creature

The Big Chicken Book

Evelien De Vlieger & Jan Hamstra

Our earth is home to three times as many chickens as there are people. Chickens are descended from dinosaurs and the primordial chicken must be around 150 million years old. The chicken beats the human being hands down, and not only by having such burly ancestors, since the bird is more intelligent, more important and more beautiful than we tend to think. It’s high time to become more familiar with this exceptional creature.

In ‘The Big Chicken Book’ you’ll get to know more about the anatomy of the hen and the cock, discover how many different colours and plumage patterns they have, find out how to predict whether a chicken will lay a white or a brown egg, and learn to cluck, cackle and crow in several languages.

De Vlieger approaches her subject with sincere admiration, and it shows.

At a great pace and with humour, Evelien De Vlieger has written an extraordinary ode to a great little creature that’s found everywhere but about which we know little. The realistic and colourful linocuts by Jan Hamstra are a visual tour de force and on paper they truly come to life. A book bursting with love for the bird, enabling chickens to win over even the most vehement of chicken-haters.

Ornamental chickens, fighting cocks and common-or-garden hens shine out at you in bold lines and deep colours.
Het Parool