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The moving adventure of two inseparable brothers

The Blue Wings

Jef Aerts

Jadran is five years older than Josh and nicknamed Giant by his mother and brother for good reason. But his head and his heart are those of a child much younger than Josh. Still, the brothers are like two peas in a pod and now that Murad and his daughter Yasmin have moved in with their small family unit they are even more inseparable. When they find an injured young crane one day, Jadran wants to teach it to fly at any cost. But it is Josh who ends up paying the price when, because of Jadran, he falls off a fire escape and breaks his leg in three places. Everything changes. Can Jadran continue to live at home? The brothers are absolutely determined to stay together. Besides, the baby crane has to get to its family in the south. For the first time, Jadran takes charge and Josh has no choice but to follow. The two boys go on a journey that is brave, adventurous and hopeless all at the same time.

Great empathy and rich, poetic language. Jef Aerts once again excels as a master of style.

Jef Aerts’ unique voice comes to the fore again in 'The Blue Wings': poetic and sensitive without ever becoming sentimental. He conveys Josh’s complex feelings for his brother exceptionally well. The boy’s inner conflict can be read between the lines, as he is torn between being a child and having too much responsibility, between self-interest and loyalty to his brother. An intense, warm story about family and the things that matter, which is moving but never claims to offer easy answers.

Heartrendingly beautiful. Jef Aerts surpasses himself.
A multi-layered book with subtle nuances ****
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