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An open letter on climate change

The Climate is Us

Anuna De Wever & Kyra Gantois & Jeroen Olyslaegers

It all began with just the two of them. Sitting at the kitchen table, Anuna De Wever and Kyra Gantois shared their concerns about the climate and decided: enough is enough. Inspired by international examples, they launched an online campaign and on 10 January 2019 they headed to Brussels for a demonstration against the current climate policy. The square they had been allocated by the police turned out to be too small for the 3,000 students who showed up. A week later there were 12,500 and the week after 35,000. Anuna and Kyra quickly became the faces of a protest generation that will no longer let itself be dismissed by politicians with reassuring words.

It started in Brussels. We saw it and thought: that is what we are going to do.
Youth for Climate Netherlands

In ‘The Climate Is Us’ these two young activists reach out a hand to each of us: to politicians and policy makers, to parents and grandparents, to their peers. They call for change, because the clock is ticking. Their plea was committed to paper by Jeroen Olyslaegers, author of the internationally acclaimed novel ‘Will’. In May 2019 Anuna De Wever and Kyra Gantois received the Arkprijs van het Vrije Woord (Ark Prize of the Free Word), a symbolic prize that honours those who actively promote freedom of thought.

What Anuna and Kyra are doing is so important.
Greta Thunberg