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A unique view into the singer's soul

The Demons of Leonard Cohen

Francis Mus

Who is Leonard Cohen? Connoisseur Francis Mus visited all available archives, interviewed people from the entourage around Cohen, knocked on the door of the singer himself and analyzed his song texts in his quest to find the man behind the most well-known singer-songwriter in the world.

Francis Mus displays an expertise not seen before by Cohen’s Canadian critics.
Brian Trehearne

Leonard Cohen recently passed away, but the Canadian singer is more popular than ever: his concerts in Belgium and The Netherlands are sold out in no time and his recent record 'Popular Problems' entered out of nothing on the first place in the charts. Nevertheless Cohen remains an artist wrapped in mystery. A spitting image of a gentleman with an unshakeable charisma, yet having at the same time something unfathomable and intangible. But is this image correct?

Authority on Cohen Francis Mus portrays the real Cohen and his recurring demons. He searched for and found ‘Cohen pieces’ that never have been written about. This book offers a unique view into Leonard Cohen’s soul.