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Apocalypse when

The End of the World. A History

Steven Stroeykens

The apocalypse is as old as the world. People have always tried to imagine what might happen if everything collapsed. In the past, we fearfully observed the arrival of comets, or listened to the predictions of soothsayers. Nowadays, we fear terrorism, nuclear threats and climate change. Sometimes it looks like doomsaying is really back to stay.

Stroeykens, a physicist at heart, has thought of everything. The book’s smooth and clear writing makes reading it a breeze. An absolute must-have book
KIJK Magazine

Steven Stroeykens wonders whether we really should be afraid that the end of the world as we know it is approaching. Some modern predictions for the end of the world show striking similarities with age-old apocalyptic fears. The author investigates what science has to say on the subject. What might the end of the world really look like? Should we be worried about the climate, mutating viruses, artificial intelligence and asteroid impacts? Or is that fear just as irrational as that of the medieval cultists who constantly expected another biblical flood to wash away the world?

‘The End of the World’ is a fascinating history of catastrophes, fears and nightmares.