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The origins and magic of drawing

The Hunt for the Sabre-toothed Tiger

Benjamin Leroy & Pieter van Oudheusden

‘The Hunt for the Sabre-toothed Tiger’ is set in a remote past, when activities were limited to hunting and berry-picking. A tribe is preparing to catch the sabre-toothed tiger. It’s been spotted in the area and, owing to the great threat to the members of the tribe, must urgently be captured. Little Olun is politely asked to make himself scarce, but this only lures him to join the hunt. Just when Olun has almost given up, he hears a massive roar and knows danger is nearby. Using a little white rock the medicine man has given him, he draws the tiger on a rock, and thus manages to capture the hungry beast in the drawing. Unwittingly, he also lays the foundations for cave drawings.

Fascinating illustrations
Cutting Edge

In his own distinct way Benjamin Leroy creates a modern-day vision of cave-dwellers, while also doing justice to their uniqueness. It's a humorous view full of entertaining details, and invites reading and re-reading. Leroy masterfully depicts the feelings of the first people and, through recognizable emotions, reduces the gap between our highly technological society and prehistoric times.

Sets the imagination on fire
De Bond