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On the fragile balance between free market and government interference

The Limits of the Market

Paul De Grauwe

Do the financial crisis and the growing inequality create a new balance of power between the free market and the government? Are we witnessing a turnover of capitalism and does the government take over again?

Nobody has taught me as much about the euro crisis as Paul De Grauwe.
Paul Krugman

After a triumphal procession of decennia, capitalism is on the way of destroying itself. Climat change and growing inequality are key issues that illustrate the inevitable external and internal limits of the market. Only the government seems able to offer a solution. But the government also will collide with limits and in its turn will pave the way for a comeback of the market.

With his new book, 'The Limits of the Market', Flanders’ most prominent economist Paul De Grauwe contributes to the debate on the tenability of our market system. De Grauwe sharply analyses the consequences of this disastrous oscillation that can only be stopped by taking drastic measures now.